1296 I Won’t Do It Again!

Chapter 1296: I Won’t Do It Again!

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This was simply amazing.

She was totally a different person!

He could not believe it was her at all!

As he was still in shock, Qin Ran extended his hand towards Ning Xi's chest area.

The quiet girl swiftly grabbed Qin Ran's wrist with a tight grip.

Qin Ran screamed, "Ah! Stop! Bro! Friend! Let go! It's my fault! You're Ning Xi! You're Ning Xi, alright!"

Ning Xi then let go of his hand. "Where were you thinking of touching?"

Qin Ran squatted down and cowered. "I was just too shocked. It's my bad, I won't do it again!"

As Qin Ran paid his price, everyone saw the wild expression in Ning Xi's eyes. While she was in a female outfit, she was undoubtedly the same person as the man before.

While everyone else surrounded Ning Xi, Jiang Muye was focused on Mo Yuxiu.

His expression totally changed when he saw Ning Xi walk out of the changing room. His expression became odder after he saw the scene between Ning Xi and Qin Ran. Who knew what he was up to?

Ning Xi was going to have scenes with all six of them, so it would take quite some time.

She sent Lu Tingxiao a message and asked him to go home first, informing him that she would go straight to Platinum Palace after she was done with work.

Things went smoothly with the first few people. The last scene was with Mo Yuxiu.

Mai Huaian picked one of the scenes. "Let's do this encounter under the rain!"

This scene was the female lead meeting the company CEO in the street. The CEO would take off his coat and cover her while running together in the rain.

Mai Huaian was a little worried as Mo Yuxiu did not look very well since the incident just now. "Yuxiu, is this alright?"

Mo Yuxiu was really troublesome. No more issues, please!

Mo Yuxiu looked a little impatient as he scoffed, "Whatever!"

"Alright, we'll start then!" Mai Huaian said.

The take started.

Ning Xi made a gesture to cover her head from the drizzle. "C-CEO Mo, why are you here?"

Mo Yuxiu did not say anything. He took off his coat and sheltered the girl's head. "Go!"

"Oh…" Ning Xi nodded nervously, dodging under the coat. They then walked together to take shelter from the rain.

"Cut! Good take!" Mai Huaian let out a sigh of relief, "Yuxiu, you did well, like I said…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Yuxiu suddenly yanked on Ning Xi's hand and walked out.

In just a moment, they both disappeared!

Mai Huaian was confused.

Jiang Muye was the first to stand up and chase after them.

Ye Ying was worried as well, so she followed. "Yuxiu, where are you going?"

Qin Ran raised his eyebrows. "So, what's happening? Is the scene finished, or do we have another fight scene to catch? He's going to fight Ning Xi in her female outfit?"

Han Yuncheng squinted his eyes. "These two must have something going on."

Qin Ran replied almost instantly, "Isn't that obvious? And it's something more severe than his relationship with Li Lekai! Interesting!"
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