1308 Arrogant Appearance

Chapter 1308: Arrogant Appearance

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"Any updates recently?" Ning Xi leaned in to nose around.

"A little, I guess! Actually, I don't know if it counts!" Ning Tianxin looked troubled like a woman who had completely fallen in love.

Ning Qiutong smiled at the two girls, sighing as she thought how nice it was to be young again. "I have to leave for a while. The two of you chat along!"

"Okay, bye bye, Aunty!"

"Aunty, don't worry about us!"


"What does 'a little' mean? Be more concrete! Let me analyze for you!" Ning Xi could not bear the way the girl looked so confused and suppressed herself from losing her patience.

Ning Tianxin hesitated for a moment. When she saw no one was nearby, she weakly said, "We...we did it!"

"Whoa! What!?" Ning Xi almost cried out in surprise. She looked shocked at her usually obedient, traditional, and conservative cousin. "Sis Tianxin, how is this 'a little'? You're really usually quiet and now you're amazing me with a single shocking feat!"

Ning Tianxin's face turned scarlet. "I'm saying... Even though we did it, b-but our situation didn't change much."

When she heard this, Ning Xi instantly felt something was not right. "Bloody hell, that punk did it and ran?"

"He was drunk then, so he wasn't too clear-headed himself. After that, he apologized to me too..." Ning Tianxin looked like she was in a lot of pain.

Ning Xi was so mad that her chest hurt. Not only did he run after doing it, it was also a drunk one-night stand!

"Sis Tianxin, why are you so innocent? If a man was really drunk, how could he still do it?" Ning Xi looked flabbergasted by finding out how she had been taken advantage of so cruelly. Undeniably, she was so furious. She really wanted to know who this person was! She would definitely cut that punk up into eight pieces!

Sadly, she had asked a long time ago but Ning Tianxin was very adamant and would not tell who he was no matter what.

When she looked at a loss at Ning Tianxin,, Ning Xi suppressed the fury in her and frowned. "Let me ask you. The night you were with him to do it, did you guys take safety measures?"

Ning Xi looked shyly at her. "No, we were at my place then. I don't...don't have those kind of things!"

"I knew it!" Ning Xi chopped the man into eight pieces in her heart again, then she quickly asked, "Wait, did you take a morning after pill after that?"

Ning Tianxin turned pale. "I was too confused then. To be honest, I'm still quite confused now... I didn't even think about it..."

Ning Xi's gaze subconsciously moved to Ning Tianxin's stomach and felt her head hurt.

It was understandable if the innocent Ning Tianxin knew nothing, but would the guy not have known either? Since he did not want to take responsibility, how did he not even think about reminding her?

She would never have thought that someone close to her would meet such trash men too...

After Ning Xi reminded Ning Tianxin about the possible implications, she could not sit still any longer. "Xiao Xi, I-I'll leave first!"

This would not do. She had to get a pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy to check.

Ning Xi was worried about Ning Tianxin being alone, so she quickly chased after her. When she reached the door, she bumped into someone and was so frightened that she immediately turned around and ran the other way!

Crap! Yun Shen!

No way!

This was...impossible!

Ning Xi hid in the crowd of the banquet hall as she carefully peered between the gaps of the crowd towards the door again.

Yet, she actually did not need to look. The reactions of the people all around her had answered her.

That Yun Shen must be crazy. He had actually appeared openly at such a public occassion and did not bother to cover up his appearance at all! That arrogant head of white hair was way too recognizable...
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