1313 Acting Unconventionally

Chapter 1313: Acting Unconventionally

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These words...were practically the exact same words as what Ning Xi had said to Qian Caijun!

The crowd exchanged glances. All of them thought it was odd.

Could CEO Yun be...trying to play the hero that saves the damsel?

According to the normal plot line, it seemed that way, but based on Yun Shen's short appearance earlier, the crowd pretty much understood his temperament. He was ever-changing and unpredictable. One could not use common sense to pass judgment on him.

Thus, they dared not to be certain about what he meant either.

Ning Xueluo watched as Ning Xi was about to be publicly humiliated. Who would have thought that someone would turn up unexpectedly and disrupt the plan, and this person had to be Yun Shen?! She bit her lips until they turned purple.

Before the situation could even clear up, Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu were still full of doubts and did not act rashly.

"How then?" Yun Shen sipped on his wine, unknown motives flashing across his eyes.

Qian Caijun was thoroughly clear-headed now, his thoughts moving fast in his head.

What was this man trying to do?

Was he really here to help the woman, or just purely having an idle conversation? Or did he really like watching people drink?

He...could not see him through!

But! $ 1 billion! This was $ 1 billion!

Initially, he had thought about how the project could be started with $ 300 to 500 million, but now that he was thrown with such a huge number, he was tempted.

Besides, for someone like Yun Shen, his words lent enormous weight. He would not just blurt something out like this girl, would he?

He had to thank this girl for creating such a good opportunity for him!

When he thought about this, Qian Caijun was promptly decisive. "That's nothing. As long as you fancy, such a small feat is easy, CEO Yun! Coincidentally, I'm not good at anything but drinking!"

Then, Qian Caijun took a deep breath and took up one of the wine glasses, downing it in one go before he very quickly picked up the next one...

Yun Shen smiled faintly as he watched from the side. The corner of his eyes was hooked on a certain someone...

When everyone around saw Qian Caijun down the wine like water, they found it a ghastly sight.

"Bloody hell, so much wine! Isn't Qian Caijun worried that he'll die drinking all those? There's no way he can be that good at drinking even if he has a high tolerance!"

"I think he's drunk quite a bit before this. If he continues like this, I'm worried it'll really be fatal..."

"But Qian Caijun is really short on money, and this is such a good opportunity. It's just drinking a few glasses. Who wouldn't be willing?! Are you unwilling?"

"Nonsense, of course I'd be willing!"


As he watched Qian Caijun's eyes turn increasingly glassy and his entire body ready to topple any moment, Yun Shen had no change in his expression. There was a frightening iciness in his eyes.

Everyone had suddenly lowered their voices.

Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows as she watched Qian Caijun continue despite his belly turning into a bloated ball.

Finally, Qian Caijun finished all the wine on the bar and mumbled incoherently, "C-CEO Yun...are you satisfied from watching?"

Yun Shen raised his brows at this, then he slowly scoffed, "Pfft, I was just kidding! I didn't think that you'd really think I was serious! CEO Qian, you're too cute."

These words... If he was just kidding, why did he not stop him halfway and even continued to watch for so long?

These words were clearly meant to make someone puke blood!

"You..." Qian Caijun's eyes instantly widened in disbelief. He wanted to throw a fit but he could not. His entire face was distorted with drunkenness and fury.

Had he just been fooled?

He did not think that Yun Shen would actually have a slip of the tongue on the spot. The others were dumbfounded at this too. At the same time, they actually thought it was expected. This was more like the kind of thing someone as unconventional as him would do.
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