1315 My Dear, I’m Your...

Chapter 1315: My Dear, I’m Your...

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In the hall, everyone was jealous at how close Ning Yaohua could get to Yun Shen effortlessly.

"How cunning! He doesn't even know he was helping his daughter by going up to him so quickly!"

"Great, we tried for so long and now he's getting everything!"

"What a lucky man!"

Yun Shen was listening to Ning Yaohua patiently, making some comments and replies from time to time.

Ning Yaohua was ecstatic as he inquired after that, "What do you think, CEO Yun?"

Zhuang Lingyu was enjoying the looks of jealousy from everyone else, feeling really proud of her husband. Even Ning Xueluo forgot about Ning Xi at that moment, focusing on the man with white hair in front of her.

If this project were to happen, it would be a big step for Ning International. Most importantly, after the elder made his will, Ning Yaohua needed strong backing for him to hold power against the other shareholders.

Finally, Yun Shen spoke up, "President Ning's projects are not bad, so…"


As the three of them stared at him nervously, Yun Shen smiled, then looked at Ning Xi and said, "So, my dear, what do you think? Should I invest in your father's company?"

Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Xueluo were speechless. Ning Xi was confused.

She had already tried to make her presence less obvious. Why was she being involved again?!

She knew it! She could not run away from it.

This guy had done it on purpose.

Suddenly, Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and even Ning Xueluo all stared at her in disbelief.

What was happening?

Ning Xi took a deep breath, suppresing her own emotions. "You really like to joke around, CEO Yun. This seems to be unrelated to me."

Ning Yaohua nervously yelled at her, "Xiao Xi, stop talking nonsense!"

"Too bad then. If that's how it is, then we'll let this matter go," Yun Shen casually rejected Ning Yaohua.

Ning Yaohua's expression darkened while Zhuang Lingyu did not look very happy as well.

Ning Xueluo clenched her fists and asked, "Actually, what's your relationship with my sister, Mr. Yun?"

Ning Xi replied instantly, "No relationship at all!"

Yun Shen smiled. "How could you say that? My dear, I'm your…"

Ning Xi glared at him. Bastard! If he dared to say anything weird, she was going to kill him!

"Ah…" The man had enough fun and he looked at Ning Xi's glare gladly. "I'm your most loyal fan!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu looked at each other. Ning Xueluo's face went pale as she remembered something.

Ning Xi's fan…

She was reminded of what happened at the charity auction.

Could he be the one that had bought the crown at $ 100 million?

The host had mentioned it was a fan of Ning Xi's...
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