1317 The Lady Of The Ning Family

Chapter 1317: The Lady Of The Ning Family

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With the sound of Ning Qiutong's voice, everyone instantly glanced over with questions in their eyes, not sure about what Ning Qiutong wanted to do.

The crowd exchanged glances and were murmuring amongst one another, then they heard Ning Qiutong say, "I heard about the situation earlier. Regarding Qian Caijun's actions and harassment towards my niece, I will do a thorough investigation, and of course, it won't be limited to legal consequences."

This clearly meant that she was going to mess with him.

Did Ning Qiutong have to go this far for an adopted daughter from the village?

Even Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu had not said anything earlier.

In that instance, the crowd was clearly baffled.

"Other than that, I think everyone has misunderstood, so I feel the need to explain to those of you present. Earlier, as I already introduced, Xiao Xi is my niece, my biological niece. She's not adopted!"

The moment Ning Qiutong said that, it caused a commotion.

Ning Xueluo immediately turned pale. Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu wanted to stop her from saying anything further but it was too late. Ning Qiutong swiftly continued, "When Ning Xi and Ning Xueluo were born, they had been taken home wrongly from the hospital. We only got Ning Xi back to the Ning residence from the countryside when she was 18! Ning Xi is my biological niece, our eldest granddaughter of the Ning family! Today, don't talk about Xiao Xi's identity at hand. Even if she was just a regular girl, Qian Caijun's actions earlier were still despicable! I trust that no one here would disagree!"

Zhuang Lingyu's pupils abruptly contracted in ire. "Ning Qiutong! She dared! She really dared to do that! I'll tear her apart!"

Ning Yaohua pulled Zhuang Lingyu back roughly. "Calm down! Look at what occasion it is! Don't you think we've caused enough of a ruckus? If you fight with her now, what good would you do? Everything she's saying is true! How about we just wait for things to calm down?"

At this moment, no one cared about Qian Caijun. Everyone's attention had turned to Ning Qiutong's shocking exposè.

"What...what's going on? Ning Xueluo's not their biological daughter? It's actually Ning Xi?"

"Wait, wait, my head's about to go dizzy. So, you're saying that Ning Xi is the real lady of the Ning family and that Ning Xueluo's just a countryside girl that was brought home wrongly? This is just crazy!"

"No wonder Ning Xi's charisma and poise are so outstanding! Who would have thought there would be another layer of secrecy in this?!"

"Pfft, he actually publicly messed with the real lady! He's dead this time. No wonder Ning Qiutong is this angry!"

"I think the situation's not that simple. If it really was as Ning Qiutong said, why did the Ning family not announce Ning Xi's identity earlier? Instead, they pampered Ning Xueluo like she's their real daughter. Are Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu cuckoo in the head?"


Ning Xueluo's best friends, Ying Fangli and Jin Xuanxuan, exchanged looks, then they looked to Ning Xueluo with an odd expression.

Ning Xueluo was not even the biological daughter of the Ning family, but was an actual hillbilly? On the contrary, Ning Xi was actually the real daughter?

This... How could this be!?

If that was the case, what was the meaning of all those times they had hung out with her, treated her like a princess, and even laughed at Ning Xi together?

If that was the case, Ning Xueluo must have been in the loop herself, yet she had not said anything while she watched them like fools?

What was actually going on here?!
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