1340 Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Chapter 1340: Do You Have A Girlfriend?

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"What question? I'll answer it!" They realized they could not beat Ning Xi, so their attitudes changed.

Ning Xi pointed at a guy with yellow hair. "You, do you have a girlfriend?"

"N-No…" He shook his head reluctantly.

Ning Xi then beat him up. "You don't even have a girlfriend!"

The guy with yellow hair was speechless.

Ning Xi pointed at another guy with red hair. "You, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes, yes! I do!" He nodded.

Ning Xi squatted before him. "Let me ask you. If your girlfriend is hiding something from you, would you break up with her?"

The guy with red hair thought about it. "Well, I think honesty is important for two people to be together. If my girlfriend were to hide something from me, I might break up with her!"

And he got beaten up as well.

The guy with red hair was speechless.

"Who else has got a girlfriend? Raise your hand!" Ning Xi roared at them.

All of them kept quiet.

"I'm going to beat up everyone who doesn't raise their hands!"

Suddenly, everyone raised their hands.

Ning Xi pointed at a bald guy. "You, if something unacceptable happened to your girlfriend, although she told you a little about it beforehand and you've also told her that you don't mind her past, would you break up with her if she told you the truth about what actually happened?"

The bald guy had no idea what was Ning Xi talking about, but due to the two previous examples of his the fallen brothers, he quickly replied, "Of course not! For one to break up with the girlfriend over a small matter like this, is he still a man?"

Then, he was beaten up too. "Who did you say isn't a man?!"

The bald guy was speechless.

Everyone was beaten up for some weird reason.

They finally understood that this person did not really want to ask questions. This person just wanted to beat people up!

"Bro, where are you from? What do you want? Tell us!" The bald guy was bn the verge of crying.

Tang Lang saw what had happened, so he stepped in. "Hey, that's enough! Let them go!"

All of them looked at Tang Lang gratefully, asking silently for help.

Then, Tang Lang was attacked.

Everyone did not know how to react when they saw Ning Xi attack her own person.

Just where did this demon come from?

"Are you really crazy?" Tang Lang grappled with Ning Xi.

Under his teaching, Ning Xi had had visible improvement from before, and some time passed as they fought.

For some reason, she still had a lot of strength in reserve despite drinking and singing so much. She was still so energetic!

Tang Lang could just only go along with her as he wondered just what had happened to her.

Some of the thugs wanted to escape, but they were beaten up once again.

It was chaos.

At this moment, a black Maybach stopped nearby quietly.

The car's headlight was lighting up the path ahead. The people in the car could see a young man stepping on a bald man's back, and several men with colored hair crying and begging for the young man to let them go. It was a pitiful sight…
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