136 Could It Be, The Person In The Room Was…

Lu Tingxiao wasn’t inclined to deal with anyone at the moment, so to prevent the other party from wasting any more of his time, he took the key card directly, then continued walking ahead with long strides.

Zhu Xiangcheng was relieved to see him accept the card, but was still worried about whether he would actually go or not.

Lu Jingli followed behind him with a complicated expression. "Wow! Brother, you have some luck with women! You forced Zhu Xiangcheng into a corner, so he had to prepare something big for you. The woman he found for you must be exceptional! Brother, do you want her or not? Mm, but you have sister-in-law already, so you definitely won’t even take a look! Then why don't you give the key card to me, I’m really curious about what kind of goddess Zhu Xiangcheng has found!"

Lu Tingxiao flicked a finger, and in the next second, the key card flew over to Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli caught the card between his two fingers and looked excited, "Then I’m going!"

"Wow, 808, isn’t this the Presidential Suite!" Lu Jingli hummed to himself as he happily headed over to the suite, key card in hand.

The elevator reached the top floor, and with one hand in his pocket, Lu Jingli walked towards the room, which was at the end of the corridor.

Arriving at the door, he swiped the card, and the door opened with a beep.

Before he opened the door, Lu Jingli had an awkward thought. It was only because he was curious that he had come to take a look. What was he going to do if the woman inside fell for him and wouldn’t let him go?

Even though he didn’t believe in marriage , he was still an honorable man, and would only accept serious relationships.

The door finally swung open with a squeak.

After opening the door, he saw a king-sized bed covered in red rose petals. A woman was lying in the middle, and through the rose petals, he could tell that the night gown was transparent. Her long legs were white and slender…

These beautiful legs were already enough to make any guy fall head-over-heels, Zhu Xiangcheng had really gone all out this time!

Lu Jingli took another two steps while he was thinking, then he saw the woman’s face…

Even though her eyes were covered by a white lace cloth, he could still recognize who the woman on the bed was.

Holy Mother of F!!!!!!!!!!!

Lu Jingli was so scared that he jumped and fell backwards, as if he had seen a ferocious beast, and his whole body slammed into the door with a loud sound.

Immediately after that, he banged the door shut and ran like the wind downstairs .

He ran wildly to the entrance of the parking garage, and saw Lu Tingxiao’s car coming out. He immediately flew over to block the car’s path.

With a loud screech from the brakes, Lu Tingxiao barely stopped the car in time, and his expression was very ugly.

Li Jingli slapped repeatedly on the car window, and before Lu Tingxiao could open his mouth to lecture him, he dragged him out of the car and urged him on as if their house was on fire. "Brother, come with me, quickly!"

"What is it?"

"It’s urgent! An urgent matter! Just come with me and you'll find out!"

"There is only one thing I care about now."

"I know right now you’re only thinking about sister-in-law, this has something to do with her!"

Lu Tingxiao followed him immediately.

In this way, the two of them rushed back to Presidential Suite 808.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at the door in front of him, his face cold as a glacier. His eyes said that Lu Jingli better have a good explanation for why he had suddenly dragged him here.

Lu Jingli wiped his face and opened the electronic lock with a beep. "Go see for yourself."

Hearing this, Lu Tingxiao’s expression changed slightly, and he reacted almost immediately — could it be, the person in the room was…
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