1383 Late Night Call

Chapter 1383: Late Night Call

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Late at night, at Platinum Palace, because of the mental stress for the past few days, Ning Xi slept soundly since she returned from Chang Chun City. At midnight, she was suddenly awoken by an unknown number calling.

To avoid waking the little bun, Ning Xi walked out to answer the call. "Hello, who's this?"

"This is An Tai Hospital. Do you know Miss Ning Tianxin?"


Ning Xi's heart suddenly skipped a beat. "Ning Tianxin... Is my cousin. Has something happened?"

"She came here to get an abortion. There's been a slight mishap during the process. Our end doesn't have sufficient medical qualifications to handle it. She needs to be immediately transferred to another hospital. Please quickly inform her family members to come, or else, if the person dies at our place, we won't be responsible for it!" Then, the person told her the address before hanging up quickly.

Ning Xi stood stunned and suddenly felt cold.

"What's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao's concerned voice came from behind.

Ning Xi suddenly returned to her senses. She clenched her fists and was shaking as she said, "Lu Tingxiao, something's happened to my cousin. I need to go to the hospital quickly! It's some An Tai Hospital in the northern city's mountain roads..."

Ning Xi then just rushed out, wearing her pajamas and slippers.

After she ran out, Ning Xi realized she did not drive her car over, then she anxiously wanted to run back to Lu Tingxiao.

At that moment, a white Bugatti Veyron swiftly stopped beside her. Lu Tingxiao lowered his car window and said, "Get in."

Ning Xi instantly pulled opened the front passenger door and got in. There were a pair of shoes and a white mask in front of her.

"Change your shoes, put on the mask," ordered Lu Tingxiao, then the white supercar drove off and disappeared into the darkness like a lightning bolt.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at a remote alley entrance.

Ning Xi opened the car door and ran into the hospital.

The instant she saw that so-called hospital, Ning Xi felt her heart drop. This was not a hospital! This was an illegal clinic!

Why would Sis Tianxin get an abortion here?

They had already decided that when she was going to get it, she would call her to go together!

Did the hospital mess up?

Ning Xi carried this sliver of hope and rushed in. "Where's Ning Tianxin?!"

The nurse at the entrance did not look too confident. "Walk straight ahead. She's in the operating room! Why did you just come?! She's not going to hold on any longer! If she dies here, she's going to ruin our reputation. Quickly get her away!"

Ning Xi was furious when she heard this, but she did not have time to fight with the person. She promptly rushed into the operating room with Lu Tingxiao following closely behind.

The moment she pushed open the door, Ning Xi faced a bloody sight...

On the operating bed was a pale and barely alive girl who was Ning Tianxin. Ning Xi felt her mind go blank. Even the last hope in her had vanished...


The sky was turning brighter, yet Ning Xi's heart was increasingly gloomy.

Until they had transferred Ning Tianxin to Ren Ai hospital, she still could not believe that the person who was rescued in the operating room was Ning Tianxin.

"CEO Lu, the patient is not doing too well. I'm afraid that you'll need to prepare for the worst," the doctor said solemnly, then he rushed back into the operating room.

She had been just fine a few days before, but now her life was at risk...
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