1391 Triggered?

Chapter 1391: Triggered?

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Tang Lang leaned on the door, scowling. "That's enough! Outsiders would think that the two of you want to elope! If we alarm Tang Ye, the unlucky one is going to be me!"

Ning Xi pulled on Annie's hand and quickly followed Tang Lang out.

The trio smoothly reached the main entrance, but once they walked out, there was a surprise waiting for them.

16 was staggering as she ran towards them with blood all over her...

Ning Xi, Tang Lang, and Annie were all shocked.

When 16 saw Ning Xi and Tang Lang secretly helping Annie escape, she was startled too, but she did not have time to think. She looked towards the looming danger behind her, panic written all over her face.

Right at that moment, an incredibly terrifying gust of wind from the palm of a hand suddenly attacked 16. Her face was filled with near-death despair.

In the next second, Ning Xi pulled 16 behind her, then she glowered at Tang Lang and threw him forward.

"Bloody hell! Tang Xi how dare you?!" How dare she use him as a human shield?!

Tang Lang shouted furiously as he used one hand to meet with the force.

When they saw who it was, Tang Lang was dumbfounded. His legs and stomach were shaking. "Tang... Tang Ye..."

Tang Ye's eyes were murderous. He did not have his spectacles on him -- a clear sign that he had completely lost all rationale.

"What the heck!? What's up with this guy?" Tang Lang howled in grief as he quickly handled Tang Ye's crazy attack.

The panicked 16 looked at the man that had held her by the waist and saved her. In her daze, she took a while before she finally reacted. "Tang... Tang Xi..."

Well, after all, the last time she followed Feng Jin's orders and kidnapped Tang Xi to the house, she was dressed like an extremely delicate, underaged girl, and was so scared of ghosts, completely ruining the image of Tang Xi she had once admired.

Thus, now when she saw the Tang Xi from her memories emerge again, she did not know how to react immediately.

"What's wrong? Why does First Senior Brother want to kill you?" Ning Xi frowned and asked.

16 then regained her senses. "I don't know. Bro Ye suddenly started attacking me like mad... Like he had been triggered or something..."

"Triggered?" Ning Xi's expression suddenly changed.

Tang Ye had acted out like this in the past, but it was incredibly rare. What was it that could trigger him to this point?

"Tang Xi! Quickly come help me! I'm about to die because of you!" Not too far away, Tang Lang shouted as he was being pushed back step by step by Tang Ye's madness.

Facing a completely irrational Tang Ye, even Tang Lang would find it unbearable. Besides, although Tang Lang had said then that he would work hard and train, he still wasted time every day.

Ning Xi knew that Tang Lang had things on his mind, but this guy always looked so sloppy. Every time she asked, he would change the topic. Obviously, he did not want to tell her and she could not help him.

"Annie, check up on 16." Ning Xi placed 16 carefully on the sofa, then quickly joined the fight.

The last time 16 exchanged hands with Tang Xi, she knew that Tang Xi's skills had deteriorated to a tragic extent. She suddenly looked over a little worriedly.

Yet, she realized that because of Tang Xi joining them, the dynamics of the fight had suddenly changed.

In just a few short months, Tang Xi's skill had improved tremendously. In fact, her moves were a little odd. It did not look like the old moves. She had never seen them before...

Even Tang Lang was shocked. "Bloody heck! Punk! Where did you steal these moves from? Why haven't I seen these moves before? How dare you steal someone else's moves when you have me as your master?"
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