1404 I Really Want To Kill My Father

Chapter 1404: I Really Want To Kill My Father

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When he saw who had arrived, in the middle of the hall, the man half-squinted akin to a resting beast that was awoken mid-slumber. He lazily said, "Finally willing to come back?"

Ning Xi brushed her robe and bowed with half a kneel, then she lowered her head to respectfully call out...

One second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds...

Ning Xi's head stayed there unwavering. That word "father" was stuck in her throat, but it went nowhere. She just could not say it.

"Cut!" Finally, Guo Qisheng called out to stop when she noticed something was not right.

"Sorry, I was distracted." Ning Xi pinched the space between her brows.

"It's okay, it's okay. Try it one more time!" Guo Qisheng was slightly shocked. He did not think that the first person to get a bad take would be Ning Xi.

Could Ning Xi have intentionally done a bad take to relieve the pressure for this honorable cameo?

In the hall, the white-haired man's gaze fell on the girl, who was taking deep breaths to calm down in a corner, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

Very quickly, the shoot began again.

Yun Hao Tian said, "Finally willing to come back?"

This time, Ning Xi just lowered her head and walked over, then she lowered her head to bow with a kneel. She did not even raise her eyes to look at a certain bastard in this hall, so as to avoid herself from calling him out.

This move was sure useful. Ning Xi kept her head down and was about to call out, but the person on the seat suddenly interrupted her, "Lift your head up and look at your father!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

Hey! This guy had actually changed the dialogue by himself!

Still, Guo Qisheng did not interrupt them, so she would still need to continue. Because television dramas were not very strict, it was normal to have improvisation mid-way.

Ning Xi was forced to lift her head up. Looking at that face, she had an impulse to rush up and perform "patricide". She was pathetically stuck again...

"Pfft..." From the side, Meng Shiyi's sneers were heard, "Director Guo, this is your so-called professionalism and respect for work? A potential actor that won't disappoint me even if she acted with me? In any case, she's still an A-lister. It was just a slight change in dialogue, yet she didn't even have the ability to respond impromptu. Can you really call such a person an actor, Director Guo?"

Guo Qisheng felt uncomfortable. He was confused too. This was a situation that he never experienced in the last show. What was up with Ning Xi?

It was just an incredibly simple one-word dialogue, yet she had done a bad take twice in a row. This was just too weird.

All the crew members surrounding them were whispering to one another too.

"Indeed, Idol Camps can't compare to Capability Camp!"

"Aren't all those vases that rely on their looks to climb up all like this!? Nothing odd about that!"

"It was pretty okay when I was watching her in the movie, but who would've thought that her standards would be this bad when shooting in real life? She must have privately done a lot of bad takes!"


Not too far away, Jiang Muye was no less shocked than Guo Qisheng.

He only knew one person who could affect Ning Xi to such an extent, that was... Lu Tingxiao...

The last time Ning Xi had taken a bad take, it was when she had a kissing scene with him in "The World". Because Lu Tingxiao had been present, she had done quite a few bad takes. But for this ex-boyfriend of Ning Xi's to actually affect her this much?

At the same time, Mo Yuxiu, who had been secretly observing, was puzzled. Based on Ning Xi's odd performance, this newly appeared Yun Shen was quite suspicious too...

Bloody hell! Who was this woman's boyfriend? It was practically impossible to unravel!

"CEO Yun, my apologies. I'm really sorry. Ning Xi must've been too excited to see you!" Guo Qisheng quickly walked over to apologize to Yun Shen.

However, the man did not seem angry at all. Instead, he was amicable and seemed like he was in a rather good mood. He smiled as he looked at Ning Xi to say, "No worries, Director Guo. Let's take a 10-minute break. I want to practice the scene in private with Xiao Xi. Let her practice a few more times!"
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