1418 Little Heart About To Jump Ou

Chapter 1418: Little Heart About To Jump Out

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His brother still decided to test the DNA! He should have done this much earlier! He had to investigate until he was about to puke three litres of blood...

"Bro, how did you get the blood? Will you raise Xiao Xi Xi's suspicious? Now the situation is quite complicated. What if..."

Lu Tingxiao just cut off Lu Jingli's mumbling."Sexual entrapment."

"Uhh..." Okay, since he had used this move, she definitely would not suspect anything.

"What about Little Treasure's blood sample?" Lu Jingli asked again.

"Tomorrow, Little Treasure's school will be organizing a collective health checkup."

"Oh, oh, oh... Then, it shouldn't be a problem!" Lu Jingli nodded as he trembled carefully with the blood-stained handkerchief in his hands.

It was not convenient to collect other samples. It was fine to use hair, but it had to come with hair follicles. Furthermore, because a child's hair follicles might not be fully developed, there could be a deviation when tested. The most accurate sample would still be blood. If they got blood to test, then it would definitely absolutely safe and there would not be any mistakes...

Oh! Bloody hell!

He was really nervous!

His little heart was about to jump out!

The worst thing was that this was such a huge and shocking secret. He still had to firmly stifle it and not breath a single word but he was not sure whether the stifling would kill him...

It turns out knowing too much of a huge drama is also a kind of distress...


The day that Ning Xi was most worried about had finally come.

Her dearest darling was going to enter the set.

In fact, today's scene arrangements were really rather exciting. There were scenes with the male lead, the second male lead, the female lead's father, and the female lead's secret guard. Jiang Muye, Mo Yuxiu, Yun Shen, and her dearest darling had a high likelihood of bumping into one another.

What did this mean?

This meant that a table of mahjong was about to be gathered fully...

However, when she got down the car and saw the devil disguised as Ke Mingyu from far away, she was still quite gleeful and temporarily pushed her worries to the back of her mind.

There was no one else in the parking lot, thus Ning Xi hopped happily over to the man. "Ke Ke!"

The man was neither recognizable, nor was there any expression on his face, yet the instant he saw the girl, there was a gentleness in his eyes. He opened up his arms ever so slightly and hugged the girl who hopped over. "Had your breakfast?"

"I did, I did! Are you busy? Is it alright for you to come over to the set?" Ning Xi actually really wanted to say, if you are too busy, how about you just quit acting? Still, she also could not bear to miss this rare opportunity of being able to be with the devil.

Sigh, if only those other mahjong players were not here, I would be so happy to use this show to secretly date the devil!

"It's fine. I've already sorted it out." Lu Tingxiao lightly caressed the girl's hair. "Okay, get on the set!"

"I don't... I want to hug a little longer!" Ning Xi hugged him tightly and did not want to let go. She was just feeling too dejected, so she needed to hug her dearest darling to recharge for a while.

The man's lips curved upwards. There was an indulgent sort of helplessness between his brows. "Careful, we might get photographed."

"I've already observed around, there's no one!" Ning Xi still did not let go.

Mmm, Ning Xi was right. There was no one around except... Shi Xiao had accompanied her that day. At that moment, he was standing not too far away behind her and he was petrified into a statue...

What the heck!?

What did he see!?

The lady boss... The lady boss is actually hugging a male artiste and does not want to let go!

Now, he was considered the lady boss's loyal fan. If he recognized correctly, that man was the second male lead from the lady boss's previous movie, Ke Mingyu!
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