1421 The Creatures Called Ex-boyfriends

Chapter 1421: The Creatures Called Ex-boyfriends

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The resting lounge and the dressing room for the main casts were different from that for the others. Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao went separate ways to put on their makeup.

As she stepped into the resting lounge, there was no sign of the makeup artist and assistants. She only saw Jiang Muye humming a song in front of the dressing table.

The moment he saw Ning Xi, he quickly removed his earphones and went up to her. "Ning Xiao Xi, how was it? Is my uncle here today?"

Jiang Muye looked outside when he questioned her as if he was longing to see chaos. "Hahaha... What a wild fight! I wonder if there'll really be a fight later…"

Ning Xi sat down on a chair and pinched between her eyebrows. "I don't want to see any creature called 'ex-boyfriends' right now, not even a strand of hair of them. If you keep appearing in front of me, I might just do something…"

Before Ning Xi could finish her sentence, Jiang Muye swiftly ran away. Smart move.

He had witnessed many times how violent Ning Xi could become when she was in a bad mood.

Xiao Tao and the makeup artist arrived a while later, so Ning Xi pumped her spirits up and started her preparations.

After she was done, the first thing she did after going out was to look for her sweetheart and to watch out for her enemies.

She saw Lu Tingxiao in a full black outfit in a dark corner. He was holding a script in his hand. His presence was so subtle that he did not attract any attention at all.

And then there was the other guy…

Yun Shen was relaxing on a luxurious-looking sofa with a large umbrella over his head. Almost everyone was surrounding him and was trying to talk to him.

After her warning, Jiang Muye sat in the resting area, pretending to read his script obediently.

Mo Yuxiu's scene was much later, so he was not there yet.

Ning Xi tried her best to make her presence unknown, hoping to pass this day in peace, but of course, it was impossible…

As she was walking towards her own seat, she heard a lazy voice calling out for her, "Feng…"

Ning Xi was pretending to not hear it, but that annoying guy called her again.

"Come here, Feng!"

Yun Shen was the largest investor in this series, so the director had hinted to them to try their best to get along with him, which meant that she had to do it too.

Ning Xi toughened up and went over. "CEO Yun, are you looking for me?"

The man tilted his head and smiled at the girl's tormented expression. He signalled her to sit down beside him. "Feng, let's have some practice so you won't have any bad takes later. Your father'll feel sad if you did."

You bastard, are addicted to roleplaying as the character now?

However, the man had already changed into his acting outfit and put on his makeup for the role. As he said those lines with his seductive appearance, the female artistes and staff got very excited.

"Oh... I'm so jealous! I want to have a father like CEO Yun as well!"

"If my father were this handsome, I would never marry anyone!"

"CEO Yun is the national father!"

Ning Xi was annoyed. What the heck was "the national father"?!
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