1453 Sharp Eyes!

Chapter 1453: Sharp Eyes!

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"Tang Xi!" An angry shout between gritted teeth was heard.

What? Who was Tang Xi? Yun Shen seemed to have called out the wrong name.

Guo Qisheng had no choice but to yell "cut".

As he watched Yun Shen who had been so outraged by Ning Xi that he did a bad take, Jiang Muye felt as if his heart had just received a huge consolation.

If even such a conniving, scheming monster as Yun Shen with a terrifying background could be angered by Ning Xi to this extent, he was really nothing.

At the same time, Jiang Muye looked at Yun Shen and suddenly remembered who he was. Tang Xi... There were not many who knew this name of Ning Xi's!

Plus, with that shocking head of white hair...

When they were abroad, he knew that Ning Xi always disappeared for long periods of time. He was not sure what she did either. Sometimes, he would see her with a unique group of people, and one of the few who left a particular impression on him was a curly-haired man who wore gold-rimmed spectacles, and one more had white hair.

Because he had seen Ning Xi in a male outfit, he could recognize her then. Could Yun Shen be the white-haired man from back then?

It looked like Yun Shen and Ning Xi's relationship was indeed complicated...

At this moment, some of the crew members and background actors lowered their voices to whisper.

"Oh, what to do? I'm a loyal fan of the Xi Ye party, but now that I've seen two scenes, I've suddenly fallen in love with Yun Huang and Liu Yan as a couple!"

"Actually, I've always been a fan of the Bro Xi and Ke Mingyu couple. When I watched 'Dream Chaser', I already liked the coupling of Ji Feixue and Ling Yu even though this pairing is quite unpopular..."

"Hehe, that's nothing. I'd say that I've taken a liking to the Yun Huang and Yun Haotian father-daughter pairing!"

"It could be my imagination but I feel like the way Yun Haotian looks at Yun Huang is not ordinary!"


Jiang Muye thought to himself, "Silly human beings, it is not that Yun Haotian's look towards Yun Huang is out of the ordinary. It's the way Yun Shen looks at Ning Xi!"

After a short rest, the shoot began again.

Ning Xi, Ke Mingyu, and Yun Shen's scene had to be shot five times in a row before it finally passed.

Finally making a comeback, Ning Xi hummed a tune. She was mentally and physically free from worry, so her mood was especially great.

Lu Tingxiao walked out from the washroom. The moment he stepped out, he saw someone leaning on the shiny wall opposite him.

The man's white hair covered the thin scar on his eyebrow bone and there was a cigarette between his fingers. When he saw Lu Tingxiao come out, he looked up ever so slightly and smiled faintly to say, "CEO Lu, such a pleasure..."

Even though his identity had been exposed, there was no reaction on Lu Tingxiao's face at all. He only looked at the man with a poker face. "Likewise."

On the other side, Jiang Muye had a bladder emergency and was about to go to the toilet when he saw these two deities at the washroom entrance. He instantly emergency braked and hid in a corner.

Then, he listened to their conversation.

Wow, how did Yun Shen recognize Lu Tingxiao? His eyes were really sharp!

Also, the two of you should not talk to each other anymore! Both of you are real senseless!

Both of you aren't at your companies to be tyrannic CEOs, yet you have come to this drama set to snatch the other's rice bowl. What are you trying to do?!

Jiang Muye thought to himself, "Fight! How awesome if these two could fight each other!"

That way, would he not be the fisherman that caught both when the sandpiper and the clam waged a war against each other? Even if he did not benefit, he would still be happy to watch the show!

Yun Shen looked Lu Tingxiao and was about to say something when he noticed the hovering figure from the corner of his eye as if marking the person hiding there. He smiled and then unhurriedly turned around to leave.
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