1460 Let Me Blow The Pain Away

Chapter 1460: Let Me Blow The Pain Away

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"Fine, fine, I promise. Don't be distracted now. Focus on your exams!"

"Mmm, I got it. I'll definitely make you proud!"

"Good!" Ning Xi smiled warmly.

After a short chat, Tang Nuo then sounded odd again. He asked, "Oh, is that woman getting married soon?"

Ning Xi then realized he was talking about Ning Xueluo. She nodded. "Yes."

Tang Nua sneered, "She never called us. We found out about it on the TV. I'm really worried that Mother is going and will get rejected. Fortunately, Mother didn't say anything this time and she didn't mention that she's going... Before that, she kept on pestering me to buy some local specialties and send it to her wedding. I tried to convince her but failed, then suddenly she stopped…"

She was probably was rejected when she called Ning Xueluo, but Ning Xi did not say it out loud.

After Ning Xi was done talking to Tang Nuo, Lu Tingxiao and the little bun were done with dinner.

"Mommy, dinner's ready!" The little bun quickly led his mother to the dinner table.

Ning Xi saw four dishes and a bowl of soup on the table. There was a fresh tomato salad, roast meat, cola chicken, and pork rib soup with herbs. There was also Lu Tingxiao's best dish, fried cabbage.

It was much more than she expected and the dishes looked delicious.

"Taste it." Lu Tingxiao passed her a pair of chopsticks.

Ning Xi took the chopsticks and tried all of them.

The big bun and the little bun looked at her anxiously.

After a while, Ning Xi's eyes brightened and she gave them a thumbs-up. "Not bad at all! Delicious!"

Both the buns were relieved. The little bun looked especially vibrant. Lu Tingxiao pulled out Ning Xi's seat for her. "Let's eat!"

"Mmm…" Ning Xi saw a blister on the back of Lu Tingxiao's hand, then she held onto his hand to examine closely. "What happened?"

"I just got splashed by some oil. It's alright, I've taken care of it," Lu Tingxiao replied.

Ning Xi blew some cool air on his hand. "Does it still hurt? Let me blow the pain away!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at Ning Xi's childish behavior and laughed as warmth flooded his heart.

The ignored little bun looked at his father angrily. His face seemed to say, "How could you use such a cheap tactic behind my back to catch Mommy's attention?!"

"Mommy, Little Treasure wants it too!" The little bun spoke up.

Ning Xi chuckled and she quickly gave the little guy's fair hand a light puff of air as well.

The little bun was satisfied now.

Look, I got it even without any tricks!

After finishing dinner and putting the little bun to sleep, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao sat in the garden and had a little chat.

"Dear, why are you treating me especially nicely today?" Ning Xi asked.

Actually, it was not just today. This had been going on for the past few days as well.

Lu Tingxiao was already treating her kindly enough, but the past few days had been way off the charts. She felt like she was becoming a good-for-nothing.

Lu Tingxiao would never admit that it was because of his guilt.

"I'm afraid that you might be sad." Lu Tingxiao quickly came up with an excuse.

"Sad? You mean about Su Yan's wedding?" Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "If it's about that, you're overthinking. They suit each other, so it's a blessing for them!"
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