1468 An Unexpected Surprise?

Chapter 1468: An Unexpected Surprise?

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As Su Yan's mother listened to the praises around her and looked at that bastard Su Xun's miserable expression, she felt satisfied and said delightedly, "Sigh, actually, it's because the Zhuangs are our in-law's parental home..."

When they heard this, everyone around was even more startled. They thought that it was just some friendly connection between the younger generation at most. Unexpectedly, there was a layer of blood ties!

The Zhuangs were Zhuang Lingyu's parental home?

But... why had they never heard of this before?

The crowd looked at each other in confusion, yet they knew not to ask any further.

At this moment, some of the older people suddenly realized something and talked among themselves. "There really is such a thing... Back then, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Ning family was old General Zhuang's youngest daughter. However, later she had a fall out with them. They haven't kept in touch for many years. By the looks of it, they might have reconciled!"

"After all, it's one own's flesh and blood, so it's normal to reconcile, right?"

"So, that's what it is! Tsk tsk, the Su family is really fortunate this time! I initially thought that a fake phoenix has been taken in as a wife..."

"What fake phoenix? I think it's just Ning Qiutong having ideas about the Ning family's property business and causing issues. Didn't Ning Yaohua already hold a press conference to deny it?"


As the crowd was discussing spiritedly, at this moment, someone from the crowd shouted in disbelief, "The one at the entrance... That... Isn't that the lady from the Zhuang family?"

In an instant, everyone subconsciously looked towards the entrance.

At first glance, they could not notice anything.

Soon, the crowd unexpectedly saw not only a young girl but an older, dignified woman with a composed manner beside her. The two of them seemed to be saying something to the welcoming committee.

They saw that woman had maintained herself rather well. She wore a navy blue embroidered cheongsam, and she did not look like the mother standing beside the girl. Instead, she looked like her older sister. Even though she did not wear any precious or impressive accessories, her aura naturally upheld a certain grandeur.

Immediately, several people recognized the two of them. "That's right... It's the lady of the Zhuang family! And Madam Zhuang!"

"What? The one beside the girl is Madam Zhuang?"

"Oh my God! I didn't expect that even the general's wife would come! Madam Zhuang has never appeared at such an occasion!"

"It looks like the blood ties between the Zhuangs and the Nings are real... They would not have placed any importance on this occassion if they weren't their in-laws..."


With the appearance of the two ladies, almost all of the guests' attention was fixated on the entrance. Not too far away, Ning Xueluo and Su Yan's mother, who had been long waiting, exchanged a look before they walked up quickly to greet them.

They did not expect for even Madam Zhuang, also known as Meng Linlang, would have come too!

Ning Xueluo was especially surprised because she had only asked Zhuang Keer to help send over the bracelet. She did not think that she would have brought Meng Linlang with her too.

It looked like it was not just about delivering the bracelet. Could it... Could it be that the Zhuang family had finally changed their minds at the final second and agreed to attend her wedding?

If that was the case, it would be more than wonderful!

Ning Xueluo looked towards Zhuang Lingyu with a begging expression. Zhuang Lingyu looked quite reluctant on the surface, especially when she saw Meng Linlang. She seemed tight-lipped and pale. However, for the sake of her daughter, she fixed the hair around her temples and still followed Ning Xueluo to walk over together.

Ning Yaohua was even more overjoyed, especially when he saw Ning Yaobang's face filled with utter jealousy that he was practically hopping mad.

Earlier, Ning Yaobang had still been complaining that he had given his shares to a daughter that was not even blood-related and called him a moron. He warned him to be careful of wasted efforts that led to futility. Now, he could prove how right his strategy was!
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