149 The Perfect Kabe-Don Pose

Seeing the girl open her arms to him of her own volition for the first time, emotion rippled in Lu Tingxiao’s cold eyes.

"Ahhh! They’re coming again! Lu Tingxiao, hurry!" Ning Xi had already thrown herself at him.

Sure enough, as soon as she stuck to Lu Tingxiao, the robots immediately didn’t dare touch her.

How amazing!

It was only when that warm, soft and sweet-smelling body abruptly rushed at him that Lu Tingxiao, who had been in a trance, finally reacted. He bent and grabbed her around her waist, then walked towards the spiral staircase.

This was probably the first time that he had been so close to her when she was clearheaded.

He really wished this road would never come to an end…

If Lu Jingli knew what his brother was thinking at the moment… ugh…

When Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi both went upstairs, the robots followed them at a certain distance .

Ning Xi put her arms around the man's neck to keep her balance. Breathing in his cool, pleasant scent, and looking at the swarm of robots following them up the curved stairs, she somehow felt that this was an extraordinarily romantic scene!

However, this pink bubble didn’t last long.

Just as they reached the top floor without a hitch, and were about to open the silver-white main door, the robots behind them suddenly made clacking noises, and then lifted their metal arms in unison. The arms stretched and withdrew, and something shot out, like the bullet from a gun.

Ning Xi immediately turned pale with fright. "Holy shit! Is that for real? I thought they were just toys!"

Was it really okay to allow a mere five-year-old to play with such dangerous and lethal things?

She didn’t know how to criticize Lu Tingxiao’s parenting method anymore.

"Now what do we do?" Ning Xi was already ready to cry.

They were just looking for Little Treasure, why did they have to experience so many hardships, as if this was a copy of a game.

Lu Tingxiao grabbed her shoulders to push her against the door behind them. Then he used his whole body to cover her, leaning one arm against the door at her back.

Ning Xi was silent for three seconds, then swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and quietly said: "Lord Boss, do you know that you executed the perfect kabe-don 1 pose?"

"Kabe-don?" This was clearly another term that Lu Tingxiao didn’t understand.

Ning Xi face-palmed. My dear, flirting without meaning to is the most deadly of all!

Just then, out of the corner of her eye, Ning Xi saw a robot opposite them fire a shot directly at Lu Tingxiao’s back. "Lu Tingxiao! Watch out!"

But it was too late. Lu Tingxiao was guarding her tightly, and she heard a smothered groan.

"Lu Tingxiao —" Ning Xi was thoroughly panicked.

"I'm fine." Lu Tingxiao raised his head slowly.

"How can you be fine? Lu Tingxiao, how do you feel? I'll take you to… ugh…" Ning Xi stopped talking mid-sentence, and her stomach suddenly churned. "Lu Tingxiao, you stink… what is that awful smell?"

With a black face, Lu Tingxiao took off his coat. On the back was something sticky and incredibly disgusting-looking.

Ning Xi covered her nose. Even as she breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he was fine, she was dumbfounded. "What is that thing? Don’t tell me it’s shit?"

Lu Tingxiao flung the coat as far away as possible to the bottom floor, and said emotionlessly, "Canned herring, it’s said to be the smelliest canned food in the world. It was Lu Jingli’s idea."

Ning Xi curled her lips. "Second Young Master is indeed talented… it’s not just smelly, it’s really a biochemical weapon!"

As soon as she stopped speaking, the door behind her all of a sudden opened outwards on its own… ‘Kabe-don’ is a trope often used in romance manga/anime series whereby characters trap their love interests against a wall by leaning one or both arms against the wall beside them. In Japanese, ‘kabe’ means wall, and ‘don’ is the sound of something hitting a wall.
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