1555 The Truth Will Come Ou

Chapter 1555: The Truth Will Come Out
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A crisis episode had finally quieted down again.

However, to some people, this was just the calm before the storm.

In the grand, lavish vehicle, Chang Li was enduring the stench and using a towel to wipe Ning Xueluo's hair.

Coincidentally, Su Yan had already rushed home after a phone call.

At that moment, Ning Xueluo's entire body was covered with filth. Her eyes were murderous red and her entire body was shivering while the expression on her face was gloomy to the point of being sinister.

Chang Li did not dare to provoke her right then, but her phone was exploding with calls. Even the boss had personally called to ask about what had happened.

Thus, Chang Li could only brace herself and ask, "Xueluo, the impact of this incident is simply huge. I must immediately handle the public relations and clarify everything. Otherwise, the consequences will be unthinkable! However, before I handle the PR, I must understand something. About what that old lady and that woman said... Is it true or not?"

Smack! There came a clear sound as Ning Xueluo's slap struck Chang Li's face. "Shut up! Moron! How could it be true?!"

Chang Li held her heated and painful cheek. Even though Ning Xueluo kept denying it, she had been by Ning Xueluo's side for many years after all. From Ning Xueluo's exasperated reaction and the panic in her eyes, she knew very well that all of this was probably true.

All this time, Ning Xueluo had been snobbish and felt that she was an heiress who was nobler than others, yet she had always called Ning Xi the hillbilly. Unexpectedly, she was the wild fowl!

That lowly and shameless ingrate was Ning Xueluo herself!

How had she kept a straight face while she accused Ning X? How did she bewitch the Ning family so much so that they were willing to leave their biological daughter behind to protect her?

What was the depth of this woman's schemes?

When she thought about this, Chang Li shuddered.

Ning Xueluo berated her sternly, "Go! Go and make a statement for me! Just say that all of this is fake! That damned old lady is fake! That wench of a woman is fake too! All of this was because Ning Xi was ganging up with those people to slander me!"

Chang Li looked troubled. "Now that the Tang family has personally said all of these, the journalists will definitely continue to investigate their clues like locusts. There are just too many gaps. Sooner or later, the truth will be out! Be-besides, there's... There's also that person and your features..."

"Are you done speaking?!" Ning Xueluo slapped her again.

Chang Li instantly shut up.


It had just been a night, yet yesterday's incident was already the talk of the town. Everyone knew about it.

Even if the Su and the Ning families both mobilized their resources to try and surpress the incident, they still could not redeem anything.

Almost all of the newspapers and magazine headlines were about last evening's incident. Huge pictures of Ning Xueluo and Sun Lan togethere were plastered everywhere.

The media had found out that Ning Xi had indeed lived in the Tang household for 18 years with the identity of the Tang family's daughter, but she had suddenly run away from home when she was 18. All their neighbors thought that she had gone away for work.

Initially, there was not much use in finding out about this, but last night, Ning Xueluo had personally admitted that Ning Xi was the daughter of the Ning family.

Previously, Ning Yaohua had made a statement saying that his foster daughter was an orphan and they had adopted her.

Why would Ning Yaohua lie to the public? Why would he adopt an 18-year-old girl who was not even an orphan and had even changed her surname to Ning?

Why did Ning Xi's mother not look like Ning Xi, but instead seemed like she had come from the same mould as Ning Xueluo?

Indeed, just as Chang Li had said, there were too many gaping holes. They could not give a plausible explanation to these loopholes. Thus, no matter how much Ning Xueluo's side denied it, they were quibbling in the eyes of others.

In just one night, Ning Xueluo's carefully sculpted image of a "Ms. Perfect", "Heiress, and "Winner of Life" had collapsed with a bang.
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