1560 It Must Be A Girl

Chapter 1560: It Must Be A Girl
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Not just Ning Xi's fans, even bystanders were angry for Ning Xi's sake. "That's right! How's that going to be settled?! She's going to shamelessly enjoy what supposedly belongs to Ning Xi! Isn't she embarrassed that she's stealing another person's parents?"

After a lot of rants, some of Ning Xi's hardcore fans replied to the backlash.

"Bro Xi has said it. She has zero relations with the Ning family, whether in the past or in the future! Bro Xi doesn't need to be an heiress. She doesn't need rich parents. Our Bro Xi is the queen herself!"

"Right, she doesn't need parents who are blind! Bro Xi has us!"

Suddenly, the direction of the discussion took a sharp turn. "Stop mentioning that witch already. Let me tell you guys something interesting. Didn't you guys recall the last sentence Bro Xi said after she received her award?"

"Of course I did. I've already memorized it! 'For my dream and for the person I love...' Ah! Ah! The person she loves? Could Bro Xi have someone she likes?"

"Is it a guy or a girl?"

"Hmm... I think it's a girl! A very cute girl at that!"

At Glory World Entertainment.

Because what happened the other day was too sudden, there were a lot of things to be taken care of. After Ning Xi left the Golden Film Awards ceremony, she went back to the company with Ling Zhizhi and spent all her time there.

Only until today when Ning Xueluo called for the press conference were they able to take a break.

"Bro Xi, Ning Xueluo is really shameless! She's stepping on you even before she leaves!"

Ning Xu had a tiny glimpse of darkness in her eyes. She knew that Ning Xueluo's words were but a warning for her.

If it had been some time back then, she might have feared her, but ever since she came clean to Lu Tingxiao, she was fine with it now.

Ning Xi looked at her phone screen.

There was a new message from Su Yan. [Xiao Xi, can we meet up?]

Things were different compared to back then. Would the Su Yan today still help Ning Xueluo like he did before and lie for her?

Ning Xueluo probably could not be confident about this too.

Ning Xi knew that with Ning Xueluo's personality, she would not take the risk.

As for the rumor that stemmed from Ning Xi's speech, Ning Xi had told Ling Zhizhi not to overthink. She had meant her fans and not really someone special, so Ling Zhizhi felt that there was no need to make any explanation.

Ning Xi paid it no mind. Actually, from a personal standpoint, she did not want to give any explanation too.

After things cooled down, everyone went back home to rest.

Ning Xi went to the garage and realized that Shi Xiao was not waiting for her as he usually did.

She opened her car door suspiciously. The next moment, she sprung towards the person in the front passenger seat. "Darling!"

Lu Tingxiao leaned back and carefully embraced the girl. As he was about to say something, he felt a tiny stab in his chest as something hard poked it. "This is…"

"Oh, right!" Ning Xi took out a shiny trophy and passed it to Lu Tingxiao as she looked at him with her glittering eyes. She was so excited that her face turned red. "Darling! This is for you!"

"That's a very special gift."

But you did not have to keep it on you all the time, did you? Was it not bothering you in any way?
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