1587 Not That Simple

Chapter 1587: Not That Simple
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"Bro, why don't you let me ask him properly?!" Even though Lu Jingli had been coaxed to go out, he still felt dejected.

Lu Tingxiao lit a cigarette, the smoke covering his cool face. "Let Father and Mother chat alone for a while."

Lu Jingli muttered, "Mother is so soft natured. Without us helping her, what could she ever find out? Also, bro, did you already know about this?"

Lu Tingxiao shook his head.

He had just been presuming from the start to the end about this issue. He had accurately guessed about Yun Shen, yet he could not check out on a story about that woman's identity at all. Furthermore, from his father's reaction, it was impossible to find out anything from him.

Lu Tingxiao crushed his cigarette and said, "Based on Father's temper, if it's something he's not willing to talk about, it'll be useless even if you keep asking. Prepare for the meeting instead."

Lu Jingli had no choice but to suppress his strong curiosity and resolve the issue at hand. That damned guy! He had actually dared to come out with an arrogant claptrap about wanting the entire Lu family. He would really like to see how!


In the ward.

It was as if Lu Chongshan had aged ten years overnight. "Ruyi, I'm sorry..."

Yan Ruyi turned with her back towards him before she wiped the tears in the corner of her eye. "Chongshan, what's actually happening?"

Even though they had first met through a blind date and their marriage had been arranged by their families, their relationship after the marriage had always been very stable. Lu Chongshan treated her very well. He had none of those vile habits of men in high society and had always kept his hands clean. They were a couple in perfect harmony and they shared a mutual respect. They had always been a solid pair in the social circle. Because their two sons had grown up in such an environment, the relationship between the two brothers had also always been very peaceful...

Who would have thought that in just one night, all of these would have been turned upside down?

Lu Chongshan closed his eyes and breathed a long sigh, "Back then, it was my fault... I betrayed you... Betrayed the children... I was momentarily spellbound... and I didn't handle it well... That's why the fiasco today happened..."

There was probably no man who would be willing to talk about the mistakes they had made when they were young. Even though Lu Chongshan did not say much, Yan Ruyi could roughly guess what had happened from his vague apology.

After they had gotten married and she had given birth to Tingxiao not long after that, Lu Chongshan had actually cheated and even had a child with that woman while she had not realized it at all.

When she thought about this, she felt a sharp pain as if a knife was twisted in her heart...

Lu Chongshan paused, then he looked unquestionably at his wife. "But don't worry. I, Lu Chongshan, only have two sons, Tingxiao and Jingli in this lifetime. I definitely won't let the Lus fall into someone else's hands!"

Yan Ruyi pursed her lips. She obviously believed him about this. If Lu Chongshan really had anything more to do with that woman, he might have gone to look for that child and would not have waited for so many years for that child to appear.

However, that child seemed to bear a deep resentment for the Lu family, causing her to feel unease in her heart...

She was most worried that Tingxiao and Jingli would be hurt.

When she thought about this, Yan Ruyi sighed and made a compromise, "That child is still your blood and flesh, after all. If you can, this incident should be best resolved peacefully."

Lu Chongshan obviously understood what Yan Ruyi meant. He looked solemn as he shook his head. "This isn't something that can be solved with money... What he wants... Is not that simple!"

Yan Ruyi suddenly felt fearful. "You mean he wants to fight for the Lu family's right of inheritance?"

Lu Chongshan shut his eyes and did not speak anymore. He sighed in his heart again. It was not just that...

The thing he was most afraid of was not about him wanting to fight for the Lu family's right of inheritance. It was that he might destroy the Lu family.

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