18 Hopes Of Having A Daughter-in-Law

Madam Lu watched the father and son pair, who were both stiff like wood. It really broke her heart. "Tingxiao, did you hear what I said? And what’s going on with Little Treasure? He hasn’t eaten a grain of rice all night. My baby darling is only staring at the cellphone!"

Lu Jingli was still chewing on the sweet and sour ribs, so when he spoke, it was unclear. "Little Treasure is waiting for the pretty auntie’s phone call!"

Madam Lu was confused, "What pretty auntie?"

Lu Jingli waved his hand. "Aiya, dad and mom, you don’t have to worry. My older brother already found someone he likes!"

Madam Lu was shocked but still disbelieving. "Are you telling the truth? Old Two, don’t lie to us!"

Master Lu’s expression was serious as he put down his chopsticks to observe Lu Jingli.

"Why would I lie? This is the truth! If you don’t believe me, you can ask my older brother!" Lu Jingli said while looking at his brother.

"Tingxiao, is what Jingli said true?" Master Lu asked gruffly.

"Tingxiao, why don’t you say something?" Madam Lu urged.

Lu Tingxiao: "Yes."

Madam Lu felt as though she was going to die of impatience; like she had waited half a day to only hear a single "Yes". Her stomach was full of anger. "You brat, why can’t you say more than one word? Talking to you is such a waste of effort!"

Lu Tingxiao said, "Is that so?"

Great, so he could say more than one word.

Madam Lu still wasn’t reassured, and asked suspiciously, "Tingxiao, the person that you like… is it a he or she?"

Lu Tingxiao’s face went black, his teeth nearly gnashing together, and he spat out, "Female."

Lu Jingli laughed so hard, he nearly fell off the chair. "Of course it’s a woman, and a very beautiful one. Our Little Treasure likes her so much that he’s even waiting for her call!"

When Madam Lu heard this, she was ecstatic. "The ancestors have blessed us, the ancestors have blessed us! Tingxiao, which family’s young miss is this? How old is she? Where did she come from? What does she do? How big is her household? Why didn’t you tell us sooner…"

Lu Jingli hurriedly cut her off. "Mom, calm down! Nothing has even happened between them yet. We didn’t tell you because we were afraid you would intervene and ruin everything!"

If they found out who Ning Xi was, about her less than stellar reputation and the fact that she was currently working in the entertainment industry, their plans would surely go sour.

At this time, Master Lu said, "Since Tingxiao likes this person, then she must be decent. Don’t worry so much."

"What don’t worry? Aren’t you worried yourself? Who is it that worries so much he can’t sleep at night and has to go out to the porch to smoke?" Madam Lu mercilessly exposed her own husband.

But after hearing what her husband had to say, she relaxed a lot. "Tingxiao’s standard is so high, the girl he likes must be pretty good. Even Little Treasure likes her!"

After everyone quieted down, the cellphone Little Treasure had been holding all night suddenly rang.

This was Lu Tingxiao’s personal cellphone, so not many people knew the number.

Lu Jingli rushed over to see. Indeed, it was Ning Xi’s phone number.

"Is that girl calling?" Madam Lu excitedly asked, rushing over as though she was going to meet her daughter-in-law.

Lu Jingli nodded his head and then helped Little Treasure answer the phone. Little Treasure didn’t know how to use cellphones. Lu Tingxiao had bought him a cellphone before, but he hadn’t like to use it, and who knows where it went.

At the same time, the entire table of people were focused completely on the cellphone.

Lu Jingli was the most shameless, pressing against the side of the cellphone to eavesdrop.

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