1702 Unknown Whereabouts

Chapter 1702: Unknown Whereabouts
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\Although there were people guarding all around, no one had noticed that someone had entered and left?

When they heard this, Lu Tingxiao, Yun Shen, and Tang Lang's expressions changed.

"From the traces here and the way that all these mercenaries had died, the other party is acting solo. This person actually evaded so many guards and even killed all of these mercenaries hush-hush without anyone noticing?"

As Tang Lang stated his observation, he frowned. "LIttle Junior Sister and Little Treasure have most likely been taken away by him... but is the other person friend or foe? Why did they take them away?"

"There's no such person that I remember..." Yun Shen muttered to himself.

Tang Lang solemnly said, "That's why I'm curious as to where he suddenly appeared from. Even if Tang Ye and I worked together, we wouldn't be able to come and go without a trace with such tight security, and also take two people away!"

"These mercenaries haven't died for long. They must be still within the borders of Country F. Let's search separately. We can conduct an inch-by-inch search," Lu Tingxiao immediately ordered the subordinates he brought with him.

"Gather everyone. Search the entire city for me inside and out!" Yun Shen's had also ordered with a determined fury.

"Pass," Lu Tingxiao looked at the silver-haired man and said coldly.

If they did not have a pass and they met Yun Shen's people in the process of their search, the two parties would definitely get into conflict and waste time.

Yun Shen looked at the leader. "Give them a pass!"

The leader did not dare to disobey. He quickly gave all of Lu Tingxiao's people a pass though he was now utterly confused. Were these two not rivals? Why was the Boss obeying Lu Tingxiao's words?

Forget this little leader. Even Tang Lang could not help but feel the space between his eyebrows twitch at this odd scene.

After they received the passes, Lu Tingxiao did not delay another moment longer. He led his people and quickly left.

The two teams of manpower had very quickly filled up every corner of the city.


At the Lu family's old residence in China.

At that moment, Lu Chongshan was lying weakly on the bed with an intravenous drip to his hand.

Xing Wu rushed in through the door. "Master..."

"Does Tingxiao have news?" Lu Chongshan sat up with difficulty.

"Master, the doctor says you can't get up!" Xing Wu quickly went over to help him.

"Enough crap. Quickly tell me how's it now?" Lu Chongshan pressed.

Xing Wu seemed like he did not know how to report to him as he hesitated.

As Lu Chongshan watched Xing Wu's expression, he felt a chill in his heart and his body started to tremble vigorously. "Are they... Are they already..."

When Xing Wu saw that Lu Chongshan had misunderstood, he quickly explained, "No, Little Master and Miss Xiao Xi seemed to have gone missing..."

"Miss... missing? How could they have gone missing!?"

"I'm not quite sure about the concrete situation either. That's the news from them. They said that Master has found the location where Little Master and Miss Xiao Xi were kidnapped, but when they rushed over, they didn't find them. Now, they're looking for them in Country F..." Xing Wu shared.

Xing Wu then quickly comforted, "Actually, it's considered positive news that they can't find them. At least... at least, there's a huge possibility that they might still be alive! Master, don't worry anymore. Otherwise, if anything happens on your end, Master will be distracted from the other end."

"Where's Little Treasure?! Where's Little Treasure?! Is Little Treasure back yet? Has Little Treasure been rescued yet?" Xing Wu was speaking to Lu Chongshan when Yan Ruyi, who had just regained consciousness, pushed the door to enter as she demanded urgently.
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