1784 Accompany Me For A Little Longer, Alright?

Chapter 1784: Accompany Me For A Little Longer, Alright?
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It had been a long time... since he last saw that smile…

That lively light…

His life…

His whole world...

Was back…

Waves weaved in the man's eyes as he locked his eyes onto the girl and kissed her without hesitation.

The girl clung to the man's neck and kissed him back.

Within just ten seconds, Ning Xi felt exhausted. She turned her face away and rested on the man's shoulder. "S-stop for a while… I can't breathe... It's suffocating…"

The man's expression changed, then he quickly sat up and straddled the girl on his lap. "Where do you feel uncomfortable?"

"Mmm, it's okay. It's just that I feel slightly weaker than before... Damn it! I was planning to fool around even more! This body is way too weak…"

The man's expression darkened. "Who allowed you to come here?"

"It's Lu Jingli! He brought me here!" Ning Xi sold Lu Jingli out without hesitation, but she explained in his stead, "But I forced him to bring me here because I wanted to give you a surprise."

The girl smiled as her eyes became watery with emotion. "Mr. Lu, are you satisfied?"

Ning Xi was suspicious when the man did not reply. "Why aren't you talking?"

"So real…" The man said quietly.

"Huh? What?" Ning Xi was confused.

"It's the first time I had such a lucid dream," the man said.

Ning Xi's heart flinched. She just realized the man's eyes were not clear. He was really drunk.

"Accompany me for a little longer, alright?"

The undefeatable and omnipotent strong man was caressing her neck and talking in an extremely weak tone.

Ning Xi opened her mouth and was about to say something, but then her sentence turned into just one word. "Okay."

The man hugged her tightly, but as if he was suddenly afraid that she might disappear like sand, he let go of her and just hugged her gently. He kissed the corner of her lips and her collarbone…

From Lu Tingxiao's reaction, it was obvious that he was stiff even when he was drunk.

At this moment, the man hugged her and fell asleep like a harmless little child…

At the same time, outside the room.

Lu Jingli was sticking himself onto the door like a lizard.

Unfortunately, it was too loud for him to hear anything.

The bodyguard was speechless by someone's indecent behavior.

He suddenly sent a girl into the Boss's room, then he wanted to listen to what was happening! What was he trying to do?

As time passed by, Lu Jingli was so desperate he almost clawed all his hair off.

Damn it! What was happening inside? Why did it seem like nothing had happened?

He was anxious…

Did Xiao Xi Xi not say she couldn't do much with her current body?

Lu Jingli was worried that he might see some fiery hot image when he went in, so he just waited outside.

After an hour, Lu Jingli finally could not contain himself anymore. He pushed the door and rushed in.

He then saw what was in the room. The man was sitting on the sofa with a girl in his arms. The both of them were sleeping soundly as they hugged each other.

The man woke up as he noticed someone had invaded his space. Knitting his eyebrows together, he opened his eyes grumpily.

Before he looked over with his usual cold eyes, the man's body froze and he looked down slowly…

He then saw the girl in his arms…
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