1823 It Has Nothing To Do With Stamina

Chapter 1823: It Has Nothing To Do With Stamina
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Ning Xi guessed that Liang Feixing had doubts, so she said, "I seemed to have brought everyone a lot of trouble after I retired, and I found out about Jiang Muye's matter recently. I'm the cause after all."

"Not at all! It's not because of you. Things became like this because of someone acting stupid!" Liang Feixing said quickly.

He did not expect that nearing the end of Glory World, when even the main group had abandoned them, Ning Xi would suggest coming back out of retirement.

It was not just a simple second debut. She was representing the Boss and the whole of the Lu Corporation.

"Lady Boss, you know what? A few days ago, I was chatting with Xu and a few others, and we were all thinking that it'd be great if you could come back! Lady Boss, are you sure you want to come back out of retirement? Who do you plan to appoint as your manager this time? Should we go and look for Ling Zhizhi?" Liang Feixing rattled off a bunch of questions.

"Sis Zhizhi has some issues at home. Let's not bother her. I'll go with Bro Tao," said Ning Xi.

"Xu? Are you sure? Damn! That guy would be mad happy if he knew!"

Liang Feixing was really excited, but suddenly his expression froze and he side-eyed the wife protector. "Then... does the Boss agree to let you come back out of retirement?"

Ning Xi clung to Lu Tingxiao's arm. "Hmm, I've asked permission from Darling. As long as I'm not too tired because my body isn't in the best condition now."

"Huh? Lady Boss, are you pregnant?" Liang Feixing's eyes flew wide open and he looked at Ning Xi's stomach.

Ning Xi's mouth twitched. "I was sick pretty badly, and I'm still recovering…"

"Oh, I see! Boss, Lady Boss, please don't worry about the amount of work. Lady Boss, your pinky finger is enough to be compared to anyone else. You don't have to put in too much effort! Your comeback this time will just lead our taking back the world!"

Ning Xi chuckled. "Director Liang, you have too much faith in me."

"Lady Boss, it's the truth! Right, when are we starting?" Liang Feixing asked quickly.

Ning Xi thought about it. "As soon as possible. Tomorrow then. Let's look for Bro Tao tomorrow."

"No problem!"

It was a quiet night.

Ning Xi kissed Little Treasure who was asleep, then she went beside Lu Tingxiao and stuck herself to him. "Darling, don't worry. I'll really take care of myself and won't tire myself out! My body is mostly recovered already!"

She was planning to rest for several days more, but she was worried that things might worsen for Jiang Muye if it dragged on, so she wanted to resolve it as soon as possible.

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. Ning Xi cuddled him and kissed him playfully. The man could not wait anymore. "You're mostly recovered? Hmm?"

He picked the mischievous girl up from the bed and carried her to a guest room next door.

Ning Xi felt herself being lifted in the air for a while and then she landed on a soft bed.

Under the moonlight, the man's eyes look like fire. The heat was closing in on her, and a sudden kiss on her lips raised her temperature as well…

Mmm …

Were they finally going to do? What were they supposed to do on their wedding night?

With their twirling tongues and their deep kisses, she felt like her soul was being sucked away. Ning Xi felt a tremble start deep down from her insides as her tender toes curled up.

Just a short while of foreplay was enough to make Ning Xi feel like a fish in a dry pond. She was starting to have difficulty breathing.

After some time, the man finally let go of her lips. He used up every ounce of his rationality to suppress himself. At the same time, his fingertips were leaving the girl's body slowly. "Can you still say that you have the stamina now? Hmm?"

Ning Xi buried her head in the man's arms as she playfully smacked the man. "How is that the same!? It has nothing to do with stamina, alright? Your smile is enough to make me go crazy. Moreover, you're doing so many things to me altogether at once…"

Lu Tingxiao was taken aback. Then, he laughed at her. "You and your nonsense…"

"It's the truth!"
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