1846 Who Said That I Wasn't Here To Mess Things Up?

Chapter 1846: Who Said That I Wasn't Here To Mess Things Up?
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Inside the arcade.

At that moment, countless onlookers were watching the screen. Just like the audience in the stream, their eyes teared as they shouted the slogan together.

Besides that arcade, in restaurants, on the streets, in companies, homes…

People saw the stream. The fans saw Ning Xi and they heard her song. They heard the uniform slogan…

The stream continued even after Ning Xi left.

"Ning Xi, are you making a comeback this time?"

"Ms. Ning, why did you reappear today after a year? Just because the organizers invited you?"

"You know about Jiang Muye's incident, don't you? We're waiting for Jiang Muye's apology today. Jiang Muye was supposed to attend, but why did it become you instead? Is it because Jiang Muye is unwilling to apologize, so Glory World wanted you to come?"

"You really grabbed the spotlight today! Are you just trying to seek attention? While it's nice to say that you've been invited, you're just here to mess up the event, aren't you?"

"Ms. Ning, can you please answer?"

Numerous reporters surrounded Ning Xi as she came out.

Facing the bombardment of questions, Ning Xi suddenly stopped and faced the reporter who questioned Ning Xi about being a troublemaker.

The reporter freaked out a little and backed off a step.

Ning Xi then raised her eyebrows and said in a humorous tone, "Who said... that I wasn't here to mess things up?"

The reporters were speechless.

Jiang Muye started laughing on the wooden pony as he watched the stream.

The reporter, who was trying to embarrass Ning Xi, could not give a retort when he saw Ning Xi's indifferent expression. "Aren't you being too much and bullying your junior? Don't you know how terrible Jiang Muye is? And you're still protecting him? You're no goddess! You're the same as that trash!"

"Did you get that down?" Ning Xi did not reply. She turned to Xu Tao instead.

Xu Tao nodded and waved his phone. "Got it! We don't have to do it actually. There're plenty of people streaming! Everyone is watching!"

The reporter looked flustered. "I'm just telling the truth. What? I can't even say the truth now?"

Xu Tao laughed. "Truth or defamation, my lawyer will let you know real soon."

Ning Xi gazed at the group of reporters and said, "As for Senior Jiang's matter, I already know about it. I also know that the organizers wanted Senior Jiang to issue a public apology, and that's right, I also think there should be a public apology."

The reporter thought that Ning Xi was admitting defeat and put up a triumphant face. "Ms. Ning, it's too late to change…"

The next moment, Ning Xi's eyes turned sharp. "But it should be the organizers apologizing to Senior Jiang."

The group was startled when they heard Ning Xi.

What? Apologize to Jiang Muye? Had Ning Xi gone mad?

There was also a large group of reporters who thought that there might be some hidden agenda with Ning Xi's firm tone.

Ning Xi left with that last sentence and ignored all the other questions. She got into the car under the protection of Xu Tao and the bodyguards.

In the arcade.

Jiang Muye just stared at the big screen. He watched how the girl supported him and said bossily, "Who said that I wasn't here to mess things up?" He felt a warm, indescribable feeling inside him…
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