1894 I’ll Get Distracted

Chapter 1894: I’ll Get Distracted
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At the Lu Corporation.

Cheng Feng quickly went downstairs when he heard that the Lady Boss was coming over.

Ning Xi followed Cheng Feng and went to the top floor via the lift.

After bringing Ning Xi to the office, Cheng Feng quickly left, but before he went away, he turned back and took a glance at Ning Xi.

"Darling! I'm here!" Ning Xi took off her mask the moment the door shut. She happily hopped towards Lu Tingxiao.

"You're here…" Lu Tingxiao looked up from the document he was working on when he heard the girl's voice.

The next moment, he was taken aback when he saw the girl's appearance. His clear eyes suddenly turned dark.

Ning Xi was wearing a school uniform. If he was not mistaken, it was the uniform of Imperial University. Lu Jingli had shown it to him before on a magazine as a reference to their company uniform but he had rejected it, so he had a vague impression of it.

The girl was wearing the uniform skirt with her hair pulled into a ponytail. She did not put on any makeup, yet she looked very beautiful. Her cherry lips, her smooth skin, and her current appearance did not look like a person who had been in the entertainment industry for a very long time. She looked just like a chaste university student.

"Darling, I want a hug!" Since Ning Xi had been disgusted by a jerk just now, she viewed Lu Tingxiao as a cleansing spring. She went past the table and snuggled over.

Before Lu Tingxiao could react, the girl was already in his arms.

Ning Xi sat on the man's lap and embraced her fresh sense of security, rubbing her head against the man's chin.

The man carefully hugged the precious girl in his arms. He gently patted the girl's head and asked, "Why are you dressed like this?"

Ning Xi then realized she was still wearing the school uniform, then she scratched her head. "Ah... because I went to Imperial University just now to see Xiao Nuo, I had Xu Tao find me something that wouldn't attract attention. Then, he took a uniform out from nowhere!"

No wonder Cheng Feng and several other workers had been staring at her weirdly when she arrived!

Ugh, did they think she was trying to seduce Lu Tingxiao with some schoolgirl roleplay?

Sadly, she had not done it on purpose!

Well, she could do it on purpose as well…

The girl let her lids fall heavily as she closed in. "Darling, do I look good like this?"

The man's eyes turned darker. "Yes."

The girl was satisfied. "Hehe! I wasn't kidding when I said you got yourself a treasure after you marry me! I wasn't lying when I said that I'll have you change your wife every day!"

The girl continued wiggling around on him and Lu Tingxiao seemed like he was having a tough time. "Be good. Go over to the sofa and wait for a while. I'll be done soon."

Ning Xi looked disappointed. "Can't I sit here while you do your thing?"


Ning Xi looked even more unhappy now. "Then, I won't bother you! I'll stop talking!"

Lu Tingxiao helplessly pinched the space between his eyebrows when he looked at his wife. After a while, he sighed and guided her hand and drew it southwards…

Ning Xi blinked her eyes, unsure about what was happening. In the next moment, her eyes flew wide as she felt a hard warmth…

Lu Tingxiao kissed the girl's neck and said in his hoarse voice, "I'll get distracted."
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