1903 Definitely Won't Yield

Chapter 1903: Definitely Won't Yield
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As he watched the woman sobbing in his arms, even though Su Yan did not immediately say what he had planned to, his decision became even firmer.

The man lightly patted the woman in his arms. There was a dim light that flashed in his eyes. "Xueluo, I know you've sacrificed a lot to be with me, and you've suffered a lot... but, actually, the real victim here, and the most innocent one here... is still Ning Xi. Years ago, you even did those things to her..."

Ning Xueluo's body instantly turned rigid. This was her Achilles' heel!

Damn it. If it had not been for that two useless garbage being accidentally found out by Su Yan, she would not have so much trouble today.

Even though that incident years ago had crushed that slut, Ning Xi, it had, at the same time, put a time bomb between her and Su Yan, allowing the relationship among the three of them to remain in a disadvantaged and passive position all along. Every time she saw Ning Xi, she had to look like she was ashamed and blamed it all on herself...

It was enough!

However, she had to resort to doing that. If Su Yan picked up on any hint that she had done that on purpose back then, it would be over!

Ning Xueluo's tears fell like rain as she looked aggrieved with self-blame. "I know... I always knew... That's why all these years, I've never fought for anything with Sister... I can even return everything I have to her... just hoping that Sister can forgive me...

"But, Bro Yan, you know Sister's misunderstood me too deeply. She's not willing to accept any of my attempts to compensate..."

"If she was willing, would you really be willing to do anything? Willing to return it all to her?" Su Yan suddenly asked.

Ning Xueluo was stunned by this question. She could not say anything for a long time as a torrent of anger surged up from the bottom of her heart!


Had she already secretly hooked up with Su Yan?

Otherwise, why would Su Yan say such things?

What was he trying to hint?

Return to her?

Return what to her?

Su Yan?!

Dream on!

Su Yan is my man, my husband. I'm the only Madam Su!

This position is mine and I definitely won't yield!

Su Yan did not wait to see Ning Xueluo's expression. He just ended the topic. "It's very late. Go to sleep."

He did not mention what had happened today. It was probably best to let her mentally prepare. Wait till he settled all of the follow-up matters and prepared the divorce papers. Then, it would not be too late and it was best to save the trouble.

In the past few years, Ning Xueluo had indeed proven results in the market. She had also received praises from those in the industry, but she was just a woman who relied on the Ning and Su family connections backing her. Otherwise, she could not have navigated through those difficult situations.

Ning International, History, and Starlight were all heavily invested and had equity participation from the Su family. He had even transferred Starlight's shares to her. After they get a divorce, as compensation, he could give them all to her. He would not want a single cent and that way, he would not be treating her unfairly.

Just based on those, it would enough for her to live a decent life. With Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu's pampering her, she would not have too hard of a life after the divorce.

Even when Su Yan turned around to walk towards the bathroom, Ning Xueluo still stood there blankly on the balcony.

She had been with Su Yan for so many years. How could she not have guessed Su Yan's thoughts?

This man! This time, he was really possessed by that slut. Even if he did not mention it today, she was afraid that she would not have been too far off.



While Su Yan had gone to shower, Ning Xueluo dug out a box from the lowest drawer in the cupboard and took out a delicate, amber vial. Then, she lit the aromatherapy kit and poured the vial of liquid in.

Instantly, the room was filled with a sweet but subtle fragrance...
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