1913 Turn You Gay, In Three Seconds

Chapter 1913: Turn You Gay, In Three Seconds
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"My... my eyes..." Jiang Muye covered his blinded eyes in pain like he did not want to live any longer.

Damn it! He actually forgot this bastard's killer move.

He knew it. Why would she suddenly have thought of doing an opera? It turned out she had long prepared such a huge trap.

Huh! Han Zixuan could rob Ning Xi of all the resources. She could imitate everything about Ning Xi, but there was one thing that she had never dared to try.

He could vaguely remember that last year, there was actually once when Han Zixuan had tried the male outfit on. However, the shock factor was no less than Liang Biqin who had stolen Ning Xi's "I Only Like You" back then. She tried to mimic her but made a fool of herself instead.

Because the traces of imitating Ning Xi were too obvious, it had even caused the crowd to ridicule Ning Xi's group of loyal fans back then.

Later on, Starlight had spent a huge amount of effort to cover everything up. In fact, they never had the thought of letting Han Zixuan take the route of "wiping out male and females" ever again.

At this moment, even though Jiang Muye's eyes were about to go blind, his gaze still could not help but look across at her.

How infuriating!

She was really more handsome than him!

If he was a woman, he would want to marry her too!

Gah, what was he thinking!?

Jiang Muye shook the disappointing thoughts in his mind off. Even though he was extremely jealous, he still had a tough tongue. He scoffed and shot a side look over in disdain. "It's not that extreme. It's just so-so, isn't it?!"

When Ning Xi heard him, her brows raised up slightly and her fingers lightly grazed the white mask on her face. She unhurriedly took a step closer towards Jiang Muye and drawled indistinctly, "Really? So-so?"

Jiang Muye took a step back vigilantly. "Exactly like that!"

"Oh?" Ning Xi squinted, then she took a step closer again. "Then, do you want to watch me... turn you gay in three seconds?"

"Oh!" Jiang Muye suddenly cried out and fled far away. He buried his head and hid in a corner. "Big bro, I'm wrong! Please have mercy!"

He would not talk nonsense anymore!

He did not want to become as pitiful as that Mo Yuxiu. He had been forcefully turned gay and could not get a hard-on with any woman anymore.

Even though that guy deserved it, really... it was too tragic!

Qin Shuang could not help but laugh out loud watching the both of them interact.

Bro Xi and Senior Jiang are really loving. How matching!

She almost felt like her role as the female lead was redundant.

On the side, Xu Tao's eyes sparkled as he rubbed his hand excitedly. "Enough, enough! Stop messing around. Time is limited. Quickly go and rehearse!"

In the upcoming hours, the entire rehearsing hall was filled with Jiang Muye's angry shout.

"Hey, hey, hey, Qin Xiao Shuang! I'm the male lead! I'm the male lead, alright? Aren't you giving your tender-hearted gaze to the wrong person!"

"Christine, I am your childhood sweetheart, your love! Are you cheating on me now?"

"Ning Xiao Xi, that's enough of you! My female lead is being seduced by you! Can you please follow the script? Where's your professionalism?"

"Bloody hell! Because my charm isn't enough? Would I lack charm? Just you wait and see!"


Finally, you can't escape responsibility for your actions!

Jiang Muye was instantly triggered by Ning Xi as he got into his character intensely. Qin Shuang was about to be charmed by the two handsome ones until her soul left her.

She realized that acting with Bro Xi was simply magical. She could always easily bring her into the zone, bringing out her potential.

After the chaotic rehearsal ended, they went out for a meal and then started to put on their makeup and style themselves, preparing for the "Night of Starlight" that was about to begin.
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