1921 Our Bodies Entwined

Chapter 1921: Our Bodies Entwined
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When Ning Xi appeared before the audience once again in her red attire that was so charming that it was almost demonic, the live stream websites were almost filled with the comments of "licking my screen" until it almost caused a massive lag, especially when the Phantom sang the next song called "Point of No Return".

"Dropped all defenses

Completely succumbed to me

Past the point of no return -

Abandon thoughts, and let the dream descend

What raging fire shall flood the soul

What sweet seduction lies before us..."

At the sound of the Phantom's bewitching singing, the fans off-stage went crazy first.

"Ah, ah, ah! Succumb, succumb! Bro Xi, I'm yours! My being, my heart, my soul, all of me is yours!"

"I have come here

Hardly knowing the reason why

In my mind, I've already imagined

Our bodies entwining

I've decided,


Past the point

Of no return..."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my Lord! Bodies entwining and all! Please come my way!]

"Our passion-play has now at last begun

Past all thought of right or wrong.

One final question -

How long should we two wait, before we're one?

When will the blood begin to race?

When will the flames, at last, consume us?"

"Now, now, now! Bro Xi please consume me! I'm lying down now!" The livestream was instantly flooded with such comments.

"Say you'll share with me

One love, one lifetime.

Lead me, save me from my solitude.

Anywhere you go, let me go too..."

By the time the song ended, almost everyone was infected by the Phantom's passionately hopeless love for the female lead, even if he was paranoid, even if he had done it by hook or by crook, it still made one's heart ache for him in a way they could not control.

To him, the female lead was his everything, his only redemption.

In reality, Christine loved Raoul and the Phantom too. Between the angel and the devil, she lost herself and had wavered.

She knew that the Phantom was dangerous as he belonged to the darkness, yet she still could not help but get closer to him.

On the Don Juan stage, they moved closer to each other and finally hugged tightly. This song was foreshadowing these two people who should not love each other but did so in the end as they were unable to avoid falling into the fire pits of love.

At last, when the Phantom sang that song that Raoul had pledged his love to her with, "All I Ask of You", his singing awakened Christine and she recognized him.

When the female lead took the Phantom's mask off then and there and saw through his identity, everyone did not let out a sigh of relief. The scene gripped their hearts instead.

On stage, the Phantom avoided the female lead's eyes with a sorry look. The other half of his face revealed a cruel mark of ugliness. Just like that, it was completely exposed right before the woman he loved the most.

All of the audience and fans felt extreme anguish in their hearts.

Because almost everyone's attention was on stage at this point, no one noticed Ning Xi's votes in both categories were already catching up with Han Zixuan's.

Even though everyone's votes had been squeezed dry earlier on, there was still a huge group of people who liked to vote at the very last moment, plus under the strong stimulations of wanting to reach to the top, everyone had personally pulled votes from their parents, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. The force of the masses could never be underestimated as long as you had the capabilities.


The Phantom had completely lost all rationale and he whisked Christine away to his underground lair.

"Why... Why was the world so unfair to me? Just because I have a scary face, even my mother was not willing to look me in the face..." The Phantom trembled in extreme distress.
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