1962 Super Abnormal

Chapter 1962: Super Abnormal
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This was Ning Xi's first time seeing Han Xiao injured.

He was injured to the point of losing consciousness. Ning Xi dared not even imagine what had happened.

Initially, she thought that Han Xiao was severely injured, yet she realized that he could still speak like this, so she let out a sigh of relief.

"But, Master, your chest is still bleeding..." Lu Jingli pointed to Han Xiao's chest and said in shock.

Ning Xi turned her attention to his chest for a moment and was terrified. It was obviously an injury by a cold weapon. Considering his bruise, it should have been a dagger that almost pierced through his heart.

With such a severe injury, if it were just anyone else, without being sent to the hospital for a surgery in time, they would definitely be dead without a doubt.

However, Han Xiao could still speak so relaxed and indifferently right now.

"It didn't puncture my fatal point. It's just loss of some nutrients," said Han Xiao casually.

"You're already like this and still trying to be cool. If you're alright, would you have lost consciousness on the back of a tiger?" Ning Xi frowned.

Initially, Lu Jingli wanted to ask how the white tiger had brought Han Xiao over, but before he could, an elderly man in a tuxedo had knocked and entered.

This elderly man was the private doctor that Lu Tingxiao called over.

Upon entering, the elderly man saw Han Xiao and quickly half-knelt on the ground to check Han Xiao.

"Mr. Lu, is this the wounded person that you mentioned?"


"He's lost too much blood. His wound is very deep. It's very close to his heart..." The more the elderly man checked Han Xiao thoroughly, the more fear bubbled within him.

Forget the rest. The wound was caused by an extremely sharp weapon. Had it been anyone else, they would have died from the pain. Furthermore, with the huge loss of blood, if it was not treated in time, they would probably not be able to hold on much longer and have passed away.

While this young man's expression was calm, he seemed careless about his injuries. Unfortunately, he did not have his instruments. Otherwise, he would check how strong this person's physique was.

"How's it?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Weird... He looks like the issue isn't huge, but this wound..." The elderly man seemed puzzled.

"Sterilize the wound, then sew it up," said Han Xiao.

"Young man, you need to get to the hospital. I can't handle this here," reminded the elderly man.

"No need." Han Xiao was indifferent. To him, he was the best doctor himself as he was familiar with his own body.

"Mr. Lu, what do you think?" The elderly man's gaze fell on Lu Tingxiao.

This person seemed to be Lu Tingxiao's friend. If any mishap happened, he could not bear the burden.

"He's asking you to sterilize it and stitch it up. Just do as he said," Ning Xi instructed quickly.

No matter what, she still sub-consciously chose to trust Han Xiao.

"Do as he says," said Lu Tingxiao.

"Then... Okay..." Helplessly, the elderly man could only do as Han Xiao said. He cleaned and sterilized the wound, then sewed it up.

After he stitched Han Xiao's wound up, the elderly man stood up and borrowed the bathroom to clean his things. Then, having advised the patient on a few things, he left.


Lu Tingxiao brought Han Xiao a set of clothes. After he changed into them, Ning Xi asked, "Han Xiao, what actually happened? How did you get injured?"

"I was hit by someone." Han Xiao looked apathetic.

"You were hit? to this extent?" Ning Xi looked flabbergasted.

Ning Xi was very clear about what kind of a madman was before her. How could a monster that could even evade bullets could be beaten up to this extent?!

"I was almost beaten to death. Lucky thing I'm vigilant enough. Otherwise, the dagger would've pierced my heart..."

Even though it was horrifying, seeing Han Xiao's "come at me with a few more daggers" expression made her want to beat him up.

"Uhh, is this guy really human?" Lu Jingli's mouth twitched in annoyance.

He had almost been pierced through the heart by a dagger, yet he looked just dandy right now after just being stitched up.

Just like Ning Xi had described him, he was super abnormal.
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