2002 You’ll Not Survive

Chapter 2002: You’ll Not Survive
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Ning Xueluo was shaken up inside, yet she still put up a gentle front. "This child came upon us quite suddenly. I'm overjoyed about it, but Su Yan said he's been pretty busy with Starlight lately and rarely comes back home…"


Han Zixuan was a little taken aback.

Because of Ning Xi's return, Starlight's artistes had been a little pressured recently, but compared to their peak period, there was nothing big going on. As the largest shareholder of Starlight, Su Yan did not need to involve himself with the small stuff, so just how busy was he to ignore his pregnant wife?

Actually, the only action Su Yan took in the company was…

Han Zixuan came up with a shocking hypothesis in her mind. She tried to act calm and asked, "Vice CEO Ning, did you know that CEO Su wanted Ning Xi to come to Starlight?"

Jealousy flashed in Ning Xueluo's eyes, but she put up an innocuous act and looked shocked. Her eyes widened and she looked at Han Zixuan in disbelief.

"What? He... He wanted Ning Xi to come to Starlight?"

Ning Xueluo's reaction astounded Han Zixuan.

"Didn't you know? I felt that it was odd. Why would CEO Su want Ning Xi to come back? She was chased out back then. Now that we recruit her back, isn't it telling everyone one that we don't have anyone talented in Starlight?"

Ning Xueluo's expression worsened and she looked down.

"Why wouldn't she let Su Yan go?"

"Vice CEO Ning! Ning Xi, she... She... She and CEO Su…" Han Zixuan was floored once again.

Ning Xueluo realized she had said too much. She covered her mouth and looked at Han Zixuan. "Nothing, it's nothing. She just knew Su Yan a long time ago. While Ning Xi loved Su Yan, it was a very long time ago. They are unrelated now... There's nothing between them now…"

Ning Xueluo's voice was becoming smaller and smaller. The helplessness in her tone could make a person weep.

Han Zixuan never expected the truth to be like this!

Ning Xi and Su Yan had known each other from before?

And Ning Xi was fond of Su Yan?

This series of news was shocking for Han Zixuan. She remembered Su Yan's repeated attempts to invite Ning Xi over as she linked it to Ning Xueluo's pregnancy and Su Yan's excuse of not going back home…

"Ning Xi is too much! You're pregnant now! And she's seducing CEO Su! Is she even human? Not only did she force you to retire, now she wants to break you and CEO Su apart!" Han Zixuan seemed mad, but she was happy on the inside.

I thought you're something Ning Xi, yet you are just a shameless witch!

Han Zixuan took a glance at the gap in the sofa. The dim reflection passed through her eyes under the light. It was a camera that she had prepared beforehand. She wanted to dig some dirt from Ning Xueluo, and... she now had something unexpectedly big.

Ning Xueluo looked like she was on the verge of crying. She bit her lip and shook her head at Han Zixuan.

"No, it's not like that. Su Yan... He won't treat me like that. He's really busy, not... not because of Ning Xi…"

Ning Xueluo's voice started to waver, her expression telling everyone that she had been suffering from all these emotions all along.

Han Zixuan comforted Ning Xueluo as she plotted an evil plan.

Ning Xi, I don't believe that you will survive this time!

As for Ning Xueluo who was being comforted, she hid her wicked expression as she lowered her head.
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