2045 Shocking Twis

The camera clearly showed each detail of the embroidery on the screen.

The name "Gong Shangze" was embroidered with gold thread and was clearly shown to everyone at the scene as well as all the people who were watching on the streaming sites.

There were professional translators all around the area.

When they heard Gong Shangze's words and saw the three words on the big screen, many overseas partners started asking their Chinese partners around.

"What is that? Those Chinese characters? Did that designer say that's his name?"

"That's right. Those are Chinese characters and that's really that designer's name!"

"God! That's impossible!"

Within the industry, many people knew that designers liked to leave some unique markings on their favorite work. It might be a symbol or their initials.

However, no one ever heard of a designer leaving the name of someone else on their work.

David was staring at the big screen as if he had just seen ghosts come alive. His forehead was filled with sweat and his heart was racing quickly.

"Uhh, what's happening? Why is Gong Shangze's name on David's work?"

"Did someone play some trick?"

"Gong Shangze asked David just now if he embroidered the clothing himself. David replied 'yes' confidently!"

"Oh my gosh! What a twist... Could David have really stolen the 'Rainbow Feathers'?"

"Then, all other designs from David are suspicious too!"

David's limbs went numb as he listened to the discussions around him. He unconsciously looked towards a certain direction.

Ning Xueluo's expression seemed terrible.

Damn it!

How could it be!?

Gong Shangze was just an idiot who was not aware of him at all. How could he have thought of embroidering his name on the clothing back then!?

How could he not have noticed it after he checked them over and over again!?

That brat had laid a trap for him just now and made him say that he embroidered all these clothes himself.

He could not change it now!

David's brain was going to explode.

The president of Lorraine Fashion Society, Akas, went up on-stage to take a look for himself.

After careful inspection, all six clothing had Gong Shangze's name at a hardly noticeable spot on the inside of the sleeves.

The crowd went wild!

Everyone who was watching the live stream was shocked too.

What was happening?

Why was Gong Shangze's name on "Rainbow Feathers"?

On the stage, after checking all the clothing, his eyes fell on David. "Director David, can you provide us with an explanation?"

David came back to his senses. He tried to act calm and put on a surprised expression. Angrily, he said, "How could it be!? That's impossible! Why would I embroider the name of another designer on my work? I didn't do that!"
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