2047 It Was All Over

Qu Guanyang looked at everyone, then he said slowly, "Chinese embroidery is usually single-sided, yet there is another more difficult embroidery technique called the double-sided embroidery.

"Double-sided embroidery is one of China's excellent ethnic traditional crafts. It's a type of variant embroidery, also called 'Both Sides Shine'. It's on the same material. Through the same embroidery process, images are embroidered on both sides with exactly the same outlines, and the images are equally delicate, both to be admired."

"Teacher Qu, then what is the double-sided three-folded embroidery that Gong Shangze mentioned?" Someone asked impatiently.

Qu Guanyang continued to explain, "In double-sided embroidery, there's still a relatively unknown type called the double-sided multi-colored embroidery. As the name goes, it means that on both sides, the same motif is embroidered, but the colors will be different."

When he said this, Qu Guanyang paused. His tone was slightly emotional as he said, "Extremely few people know that there's still one more even more difficult embroidery technique, which is what designer Gong mentioned earlier: the double-sided three-fold embroidery!

"Double-sided three-fold embroidery was invented on the foundation of the double-sided multi-colored technique. The embroidered product will have different shapes, different needlework, different colors on both sides. Then, both sides have different motifs, different needlework, and different coloring. Different design, different needles, different colors, thus called double-sided three-folded embroidery!"

"Ahh, is that so!?"

"How magical! The fact that both sides can embroider different patterns at the same time!" The crowd exclaimed.

Everyone was immersed in the exquisite Chinese traditional technique that Qu Guanyang had just talked about.

At this moment, Qu Guanyang concluded, "I've taken a look earlier. The character designs for these six sets of clothes used the double-sided three-fold embroidery method. That means this part of the embroidery was definitely completed at the same time. There's no possibility of it being added on later on!"

The instant Qu Guanyang finished, everyone abruptly came to their senses. Their faces showed that they all suddenly realized something.

"That means that this embroidery was definitely done all at once. There's no possibility of it being tampered at all!"

"Doesn't that mean that David is lying?!"

In the corner across, David's expression had long already changed the moment Gong Shangze said the words "double-sided three-fold embroidery". The moment when he heard Qu Guanyang's words, he was completely frozen there. He could not hold the calm on his face much longer and his forehead broke out in cold sweat which dripped onto the polished floor.

Under more and more scrutiny, David did not care about his image anymore. He rolled up his sleeves and wiped the sweat off his forehead. His lips trembled as he said, "Act-actually, these words were indeed embroidered by me! I like designer Gong's designs, so I've just embroidered his name on to motivate myself!"

Right! It was like that!

So what if his work had Gong Shangze's name?

Whoever's name he embroidered on his work was up to him!

When he heard David's defense, Qu Guanyang instantly sneered, "Double-sided three-fold embroidery is currently the highest level of skill in the world of embroidery. Even among the hundreds of thousands of lady embroiders in Su embroidery's homeland, State S, there are very few with such a skill. Since Director David said that this double-sided three-fold embroidery was done by you, how about you prove to us right here and now?"

Earlier, had he not been the one who said to Gong Shangze that he could prove on the spot that the embroidery was personally done by him?

The instant Qu Guanyang finished, the last chord in David's head finally snapped. He looked defeated and could not stand straight anymore. His knees gave way as he fell to the ground...
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