2065 That Idiot Is You!

"Boss! You've finally returned!"

Following the shout of that teary-eyed middle-aged man, Tang Lang, Tang Ye, Feng Xiaoxiao, and Han Xiao all looked at Ning Xi.

Ning Xi turned her white fingers and pointed at her nose in complete bafflement. "Huh? Are you referring to me?"

At this moment, the bald-headed guy beside the middle-aged man rushed out with snot and tears too. "Boss! I thought that you didn't want us anymore!"

Ning Xi was speechless.


Ning Xi only reacted after a long while. She spoke with suspicion in her voice, "Wait, wait, wait... Speak properly! Who's your leader? Did you guys get the wrong person?"

When the middle-aged man heard her, he looked as if Ning Xi was a heartless rat. "Boss! Did you forget me? I'm Zeus!"

The bald-headed guy quickly added on, "I'm Bardy! Boss, you saved our lives back then when Jeffrey dominated the whole of Solomon. It was you who destroyed their old lair. Without you, there wouldn't be Solomon, Boss. Did you forget all of this?"

"Uhh..." Ning Xi was confused by what she heard. She still had no impression of this at all.

What Bardy? What Zeus? What Jeffrey?

She did not know any of them!

Right at this moment, Feng Xiaoxiao, who was beside Ning Xi, suddenly smacked her head in realization. "Oh, what the heck?! I remember now! Little Junior Sister, they're telling the truth! Back then, I was there too! Remember that time when you came to St. Bernard to look for me and I wasn't home? When you reached my place to look for me, you bumped into a group of assassins. At last, you followed those assassins to this useless leader's house. Back then, he was almost killed by the subordinates of the guy who stole his throne. It was you who saved him along the way, and in the end, you went to Jeffrey's old lair together..."

As she listened to Feng Xiaoxiao go on about those memories from ages ago, Ning Xi finally remembered some of it, then she did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Oh my gosh! I think such a thing did happen!"

Jeffrey seemed to have something against Feng Xiaoxiao previously, so he had acted recklessly and hired assassins to ambush and assassinate Feng Xiaoxiao. Finally, because she was worried about Feng Xiaoxiao's safety, she followed those assassins to Zeus's house and saved this useless man who brought her to find Jeffrey. At last, when she rushed to Jeffrey's old lair, Feng Xiaoxiao had arrived at the same time too, and they ruthlessly destroyed Jeffrey and the group of people.

This incident had happened rather long ago, so Ning Xi had completely forgotten about it. While Feng Xiaoxiao's enemies were more numerous than the fishes in the sea, if this had not been brought up, she would probably have long forgotten about it.

"Boss! You finally remember!" The bald guy called Bardy sniffed emotionally.

The useless leader wiped his tears away. "Boss, when you weren't around, we've been working hard to expand the gang! We've been waiting for the day of your return!"

When Ning Xi heard these two people keep calling her their boss, she felt a headache coming on. "Wait, hold on! That's not right! Even if I accidentally saved you guys, when did I become your leader?"

She remembered that back then, the useless leader seemed to have said something to her about how Solomon "honored the strong ones". Plus, she had saved them, so they had wanted to appoint her as the new leader.

However, she had clearly rejected it on the spot back then!

"Ever since you saved us, in our hearts, you've already become our leader!" Bardy said matter-of-factly.

The useless leader Zeus nodded earnestly to agree. "Yes, that's right!"

On the side, Tang Lang snorted and laughed out loud before he said slyly, "Oh, my my, Little Junior Sister... It turns out... that the idiot is you!"

Ning Xi snapped, "Shut up!"

She was clearly getting implicated for simply being there!
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