2090 Where Did She Go Wrong

As if there was a ball of fire burning in Ning Xueluo's breath, she quickly said in a hoarse voice, "It's fake! This video is forged! Ning Xi! Why did you do something like this to slander me!? Why would I hurt Mother's child!?"

Ning Xi did not refute at all. She just nodded. "Right, I forged this video. Not only is this video fake, I even forged your fingerprints and blood samples. Ms. Ning, do you want to see it?"

Ning Xueluo turned pale.

If there were fingerprints and blood samples, then she definitely could not worm her way out of this.

But this was impossible!

She had already destroyed all the traces. Where did she get that!?

She even managed to get the security footage!

She had previously confirmed in every possible way that that place definitely did not have any security cameras!

Where did she go wrong?

Lu Tingxiao...

Could Lu Tingxiao have helped her?

"Darling, give me the items," Ning Xi looked over to Lu Tingxiao and said gently. Then, she looked down at the woman on the sick bed who was clearly slowly breaking down, her eyes filled with taunt.

Lu Tingxiao nodded as he passed a brown case file to her.

Ning Xueluo's body trembled violently. The way Ning Xi looked at her now was as if she was the devil demanding for her life...

She stared at the brown case file in Ning Xi's hands as her breathing quickened. Indeed! Indeed it was Lu Tingxiao!

Just as Ning Xi was taking something out from the file, Ning Xueluo saw Ning Xi's pejorative expression, and then she caught a glimpse of Lu Tingxiao icy gaze. Finally, the last sliver of hope she had was gone too. She closed her eyes and shouted, "It was me! I hit her! I hit and killed that child! So what if I did it?!"

Her voice was sharp and ear-piercing, causing discomfort to everyone's eardrums.

Inside the entire ward, there was dead silence. Only Ning Xueluo's shout rang out and she looked like a devil with disheveled hair and a sinister expression.

Zhuang Lingyu's lips trembled as she blacked out, then Ning Yaohua quickly supported her and put pressure on her solar plexus before she slowly regained consciousness. She looked ashen as she trembled. "Xueluo... What are you saying? Don't frighten Mother... You were just simply saying that, weren't you?"

Ning Xueluo's laugh was exceptionally horrifying. "Ha... Haha... Mother... Madam Zhuang... When did you become my mother? Aren't you the mother of that son inside of you?"

Zhuang Lingyu had never seen such a strange and scary expression on Ning Xueluo. She gasped emotionally, "Xueluo, what are you saying? Of course, I'm your mother! Tell me that you didn't do all of this! You didn't do this, did you?!"

At this moment, the gentleness on Ning Xueluo's face had completely vanished and was replaced with malevolence and bitter resentment. It was the reckless insanity of being pushed to the edge. "It was me! Of course, I did it! Because I hate you! I hate every one of you people in the Ning family! I'm the heiress of the Ning family. Ever since I was born, I was the lady of the Ning family! Everything of the Ning family is mine! Why did you have to take Ning Xi, that wild chicken, back?

"I've finally chased that wild chicken away, and now you guys actually came up with another son to fight for the inheritance with me. The child hasn't even been born and already you've begun to impatiently take away all the privileges I have! Why!?

"If I didn't settle Su Yan, what would you Nings have today? Now that you have a son, you want to kick me aside!? I'm afraid your abacus has been calculating quite loudly! Did you really take me for an idiot?"
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