2114 I'm Sorry, That Person Was Me

Facing Ning Xi's question, Lu Tingxiao's fists tightened as he fell silent and did not say anything.

He had expected that even if everyone believed that Little Treasure was her biological son, Ning Xi would think that he had arranged all of this.

After all, with regards to this fact, Ning Xi would be the only one who would not believe this.

"Darling?" When she saw the man still not speaking, Ning Xi looked at him doubtfully.

At this moment, the air around the man had already frozen into ice, yet his body seemed as if it had been injected with surging and boiling volcanic lava, almost combusting him to nothing.

Ning Xi noticed Lu Tingxiao was being odd. Her expression started to turn solemn. "What? Did something happen?"

The Japanese roses above their heads wilted one by one in the night breeze. Some time passed when...

The man finally spoke, "Xiao Xi, I didn't arrange it. Dr. Zhao's words are true."

Ning Xi's mind went blank for a second as if she could not immediately understand what Lu Tingxiao meant. "What...?"

"I did get you and Little Treasure to do a DNA test. The DNA test results are real too..." Lu Tingxiao took a deep breath. He took a report out and gave it to the girl. "Xiao Xi, you are Little Treasure's biological mother."

Ning Xi blankly took the report from Lu Tingxiao and she slowly looked at the conclusion right at the bottom of the report. In the next second, her pupils shrank and her mind went blank.

To sum up, the aforementioned examination of the 19 STR genes' results show that Ning Xi's tested heredity genes match the genetic criterion to be Lu Qingyu's biological mother. The probability value of their parent-child relationship is calculated at 99.9999%...

Based on the DNA analysis, it supports Ning Xi as Lu Qingyu's biological mother...


How could this be?

Ning Xi's mouth was wide open, yet she could not utter a word.

As if Lu Tingxiao was afraid that he would lose the courage to speak again, he immediately continued, "Xiao Xi, Little Treasure is our child. The child of you and I."

Actually, the fact that Ning Xueluo could so easily appear was more or less a result of his allowing it. He wanted to use this as a way to force himself from evading anymore.

Ning Xi felt like she was dreaming. In the dream, everything was turned upside down, causing her mind to be all messed up. She could not tell whether this was a dream or reality.

"How could this be?! My... My child... Back then, my child... died... already died..."

Lu Tingxiao's thin lips tensed up. "Even though I'm currently unsure why, but the fact is that he didn't die. He is Little Treasure."

"He is Little Treasure... That child is Little Treasure... Little Treasure is... my child?" Ning Xi was in a daze.

Lu Tingxiao confirmed, "Yes, he's our child."


Lu Tingxiao closed his eyes. Then, he said with a slightly trembling voice, "I'm sorry, Xiao Xi... I'm sorry... I already knew about this more than a year ago. But... I couldn't tell you... that the person who hurt you... the culprit who made you suffer and be in despair for so long... was me...

"I was afraid that you'd leave me..."

That proud man had, at this very moment, said the words "afraid" to her.

"I'm sorry. That person was me."

When he finished, he stood there silently while the radiance surrounding him dimmed as if he was a person waiting for a death sentence. In that instant, all signs of life were removed from him.
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