2141 Honey Trap

Han Xiao held the girl tightly as if he was clinging onto his own life. "I'm sorry... It's my fault... I couldn't find you…"

Annie had no expression on her face, yet she could not control her tears. She was not sure why she was crying. The moment he heard the man say that, her tears flowed out…

"Follow me, I'll help you remember everything." Han Xiao took the girl's hand and left quickly.

Ning Xi almost went crazy. "Master! Wait! A-antidote!"

Han Xiao paused in his steps, then he looked at the girl who was just being dragged along. "Youge, where's the antidote?"

Annie looked at the man in the eyes. As if her soul was being controlled, she took out a small medicine pouch.

Han Xiao took the medicine pouch and tossed it over to Ning Xi, then he picked up the exhausted Annie. Their figures disappeared into the forest.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Ning Xi mumbled as she had the antidote in her hands, "The Master is sick! He got the antidote with a honey trap…"

"Just what kind of relationship does the Master have with Annie?" Feng Xiaoxiao was curious

"That lady seems to be Mr. Han Xiao's lover, Ms. You Ge. However, she seems like she's lost her memory," the European King said.

"Lost her memories…" Ning Xi tried to speculate. "Could it be that Youge did not die back then? The Yun family accidentally saved her, but she lost her memory. The Yun family was interested in her abilities, so they took her in.

"Yun Qingze looked a lot like Han Xiao. Youge, who lost her memory, developed a sense of intimacy with him. She cared about him so much that his death left a lasting impact on her, causing her to carry out her series of revenge…"

"Ah! No wonder Annie was so obedient just now! Han Xiao was her true love!" Tang Lang seemed to have realized.

Feng Xiaoxiao mumbled, "Hmm, I wonder what will happen to Annie and the Master…"

Ning Xi held the antidote tight in her hand, then she looked in the direction that the two had left. "I hope Annie can regain her memories. I believe Master will have a way to do so!"

Ning Xi then turned around and thanked the European King. "Grandfather Jace, thank you for your timely appearance and help today."

If it were not for Jace, even if more than half of the snipers had gone down, there would certainly have been a bloodbath today.

"It was I who caused the trouble here," Jace sighed.

"I really didn't expect that you'd…"

Ning Xi felt amazed. A producer, who was also a kind old man, had suddenly became the legendary underground king of Europe, .

Jace smiled. "I'm now just a producer who loves making movies."

Jace looked at Ning Xi and sighed again, "Xiao Xi, you really look like Caroline… Back then, Caroline ignored my warnings and went into acting. Similar to you, she started off being a stuntwoman. She worked hard on her own and she said acting was the one thing she loved the most. It was her life.

"She wanted to earn my recognition. Unfortunately, when I finally understood her, an accident happened in one of the shoots. Seeing you just reminds me of her…

"I have a lot of sons, but only two daughters. My youngest daughter ran away from home because I wanted her to marry Mr. Han. She doesn't even want to call me Father up until today. Caroline also died because of my stubborness. She wanted my recognition, which led her to her accident…"
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