240 Uniform Temptation

"Mm, let’s go." Lu Tingxiao nodded and drove in the direction of her apartment.

Ning Xi had thought she had dodged a bullet, but seeing what he was doing, she became nervous. "I can go myself, I have so many things, I’ll ask the moving company to come later and pick them up with a truck!"

"It’s fine, they’ll fit."

In Ning Xi’s heart: no matter how spacious your car is inside, there is no way it’ll be able to fit everything, do you think you’re Doraemon?

But Lu Tingxiao looked certain, so she didn’t want to argue further, and could only let him drive all the way to her apartment building.

Forget it, forget it, moving house together was a safer option; at least it wouldn't create anything remotely close to an intimate atmosphere.

When they arrived at the apartment, Ning Xi pushed the door open. Everything inside the room was covered with a layer of dust since no one had been living there for a while. At some point, the window had also been blown open by the wind, and there were leaves everywhere…

The cold autumn wind blew through the window. Lu Tingxiao stood at the entrance, a tall and slim figure. He swept his gaze over every corner of the room with some warmth in his cold eyes.

"What is it?" Ning Xi didn't understand as she looked at him.

"Nothing." Lu Tingxiao stopped looking around.

This was a tiny, run-down apartment which Starlight had arranged for her, but it held precious memories of the two of them.

Mm, later he would arrange for someone to purchase the building straightaway…

"What can I do?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi scratched her head, and found a large empty box, then pointed at the tall bookshelf "You’re tall, can you help me pack all the books in here?"

"Alright."Lu Tingxiao rolled his sleeves up, ready to begin.

Ning Xi looked at his clothes, which were probably more expensive than this apartment, and touched her forehead as if she had a headache. "Wait… wait a minute!"

Saying that, she pulled out a doctor’s white coat from who knows where, and stood in front of him. "Take your coat off and put this on so that you don’t get dust on your clothes."

Lu Tingxiao obediently removed his suit jacket, looking at the white coat with curious surprise. "Where did you get this?"

"It’s a costume, I was working with a production team that was too poor to buy their actors clothes, so I bought it myself!" Saying this, Ning Xi gave it to him to put on."Luckily it’s quite loose!"

As soon as she said that, she looked at Lu Tingxiao and was struck completely dumb. She couldn’t help swallowing, and couldn’t hide the impressed look on her face…

Lu Tingxiao looked too good in a white coat!

This was straight-up uniform temptation, hey!

Holy shit, even moving house was not safe!

"What’s wrong?"

Ning Xi shook her head and came back to her senses. "Nothing, nothing… then let’s start! I’ll go pack up all my clothes!"

"Mm."Lu Tingxiao nodded, and looked at Ning Xi’s fleeing back before he started packing up the books.

Lu Tingxiao might look unhurried when he did things, but actually he was swift and very productive, and he cleared the bookshelf very quickly.

As he continued to move books, a picture fell out of a book of Shakespeare’s collected works…

Lu Tingxiao picked it up.

There was a group of young people in the picture, wearing clothes in punk and metal styles. Ning Xi was in the middle; she had extremely short hair, was dressed head to toe in a black motorbike suit, and had a free and confident smile on her face, looking like a handsome young boy.

Her arm was resting on a man’s shoulder, and she had turned her head to talk to him; they looked intimate, so presumably they were very close to each other.

As for that man, his head was turned to the side as he lit a cigarette, plus the lighting was dim, so instead of a clear image, he was nothing more than a blurry side profile…
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