247 Even Using A Honey Trap!

Ning Xi’s eyes were closed, her eyelashes flickering slightly, and when she spoke, her voice was a little hoarse. "Lu Tingxiao, why won’t you listen to your teacher?"

It hadn’t been that long ago that she had told him that he should maintain the status quo and not act rashly. In the end, he had turned the other way to directly profess his love and propose. This was simply the biggest trap…

"The teacher teaches the trade, but the apprentice’s skill is self-made," Lu Tingxiao could still say in a very reasonable tone.

"Teacher didn’t teach you to act indecently!"

"But this was the only way to let you know that the one I like is you, teacher."

"Then this is being insubordinate!"

"Then that must be because teacher is too cute…" Lu Tingxiao leaned his forehead against hers, and took hold of her slender fingers with his big palm to place them over his heart. At that moment, his clear, cold eyes burned like lava, and it was as if he was casting a spell on her with his persuasive tone. "Teacher, be with me, and everything that I have will be yours…"

"Stop talking!!!" Ning Xi’s brain was in a mess, especially when he called her teacher, which gave her a strange sense of shame…

She tried to cover her ears, but was still too late…

Lu Tingxiao said —"Little Treasure is also yours."

Ning Xi’s pupils suddenly contracted: "…!!!"

Liu Tingxiao quietly observed her reaction. When he saw her staring at him with big round eyes, the corners of his mouth tilted upwards slightly. His palms kneaded the sensitive flesh at her nape, as if he was teasing a kitten. "So what is the percentage now? Hmm?"

Ning Xi covered her face and subconsciously answered: "It’s already half and half…"

As soon as she said it, she really wanted to bite her tongue off. "Shit! Lu Tingxiao, you’re too shameless! Even using Little Treasure!"

"Little Treasure is my natural advantage, how can you say I’m using him?"

"Then what do you say to using a honey trap on me?!!" Ning Xi was indignant at the injustice done to her. Even if she wanted to break free of Lu Tingxiao’s palms, which were keeping her where he wanted her, Lu Tingxiao wasn’t using any force to keep her in place, so no matter how she wanted to, she couldn’t bring herself to break out of his hold.

"Did I?" Lu Tingxiao sounded innocent.

"Okay, okay, okay. You didn’t use one, but it looked lewd to me, so it was lewd, alright! Mm… Lu… Tingxiao…" Ning Xi was angry, but halfway through, she suddenly felt something was wrong.


Ning Xi paled and she clutched her stomach. "My… my stomach hurts…"

"What? Where does it hurt?" Lu Tingxiao’s face immediately became serious.

"Stomach, stomach! It really hurts! It’s getting more and more painful…" Sweat rolled down Ning Xi’s forehead.

"What's going on? You were perfectly alright, why do you suddenly have a stomachache? Was there something wrong with the food?"

Ning Xi coughed slightly. "Erm, it shouldn't be… I think… maybe I ate too much… just now after I drank a large glass of orange juice, I already felt there was something wrong with my stomach…"

Only at this moment did Lu Tingxiao realize that she had eaten almost all of the many dishes on the table, not to mention that she had drunk such a large glass of juice. Lu Tingxiao immediately got angry: "Ning Xi! Are you an idiot? You ate so much but you didn’t realize you were overdoing it?"

Ning Xi was angrier than he was: "Wasn’t that because of you! You scared me to the point that I kept eating to calm down! You finished all the wine by yourself, not leaving even one drop for me! So the only thing I could drink was orange juice! And you actually scold me for this!"

After saying that, she clutched her stomach and howled even more miserably.

Lu Tingxiao instantly stopped being angry, and hastily placated her. "It’s my fault… I’ll send you to the hospital right now!"
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