260 Ning Xi’s Criteria for A Spouse

The completion of the two main scenes was meant to take the whole day today, but because they were completed in one take, they wrapped up within half a day.

Therefore, there was more than enough time for interviews in the afternoon.

Ning Xi and Jiang Muye had a good dynamic, and they basically answered all the questions they were asked. The reporters also gave them face, and didn’t bring up any sensitive topics.

Seeing that the atmosphere was very good, and after interviewing them about the movie, the reporters began to tentatively ask some personal questions.

Reporter: "Muye, I have a question which seems to be asked every time. I can’t avoid asking it, and I also want to ask once: what type of girl do you like? In reality, would you like a stronger and more active girl like Meng Changge?"

Jiang Muye cupped his chin in one hand, and thought for a bit. "I used to like the type that are like cute little birds, but as I’ve gotten older, I feel that an active and strong girl like Meng Changge is very brave and also very real."

After asking Jiang Muye, the reporter naturally turned to Ning Xi: "Then Ning Xi, what kind of man do you like in reality? Or, what is your criteria for choosing a spouse? Mind telling us a little bit?"

Ning Xi’s head hurt a bit, because such a conventional question was actually very difficult for her.

She never wanted to get married, and had never thought about finding a spouse, how would she have criteria for that?

But the instant the reporter had asked the question, the figure that had flashed through her mind for one quick second was…

Ning Xi shook her head, and concentrated on answering the reporter’s question.

"My criteria for a spouse are that he should be the same age as me, and share common interests and views!" Luckily she had prepared for this question, so she was able to reply appropriately.

Mm, this answer was not perfunctory, and it was also very reasonable, they shouldn’t be able to find any fault with it.

But at this moment, a female reporter said excitedly, "In that case, our Muye meets at least two of your criteria! The first, Muye and you are of a similar age, and the third, you are both actors, so you should share the same views! As for the second, although at present we don’t know whether your interests are the same, since two of the three are already the same, the possibility that you share the same interests is very high!"

Ning Xi curled her lips and swatted the topic aside. "Hehe, actually there are many who meet this criteria! It is all up to fate!"

Beside her, Jiang Muye also cracked a joke to head the topic off, and deliberately said, "Don’t listen to her explanation, it’s just a cover-up. She is actually using me her Senior Brother as her standard for a spouse!"

Ning Xi played along and said, "Senior Brother, do your fans know how narcissistic you are?"

Two hours later, the interview was over.

Although the two gripping scenes which the reporters had seen today couldn't be released since it contained plot spoilers, it was fine to release a few clips and extras.

Also, the interview had gone very smoothly, and had been rich in content. Ning Xi and Jiang Muye had a good dynamic in and outside of the movie. There was plenty to write about or broadcast, and all the reporters left feeling satisfied.

After the reporters left, Ning Xi stretched. "I’m so tired! Today’s battle has been successfully won! I'm going back to the hotel to sleep!"

Jiang Muye glanced at her. "Hotel? Why are you staying in a hotel?"

Ning Xi flipped through the thick script, and sighed. "It’s not like you don’t know how important my part is going to be later on, and I have quite a few night scenes. Running back and forth consumes too much energy, so I discussed it with Sister Zhizhi. During this period, I’ll be living with the production crew."
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