261 Countdown To The Big Demon King’s Outburs

In the evening at Platinum Palace No.8.

Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were the only two people at the large table.

"Ai, Little Treasure is not around, neither is sister-in-law, which leaves just you on your own. See how considerate I am, specially coming over to eat with you!" Lu Jingli sighed, hating that the house was too cold, so he ran to turn on the TV.

Of course, what he tuned into would be the entertainment gossip channel.

It was currently airing news of the conference for Su Yimo’s latest movie, <The Sea of Stars>. It was a grand occasion, with many stars present.

Su Yimo was dressed in an ice blue, high-quality, custom-made evening dress by WECOUTURE. She gave off a magical air, like a goddess. She was worthy of the title of "National Goddess".

But Lu Jingli, as the boss of Glory World, looked at her with knitted brows. "She has so many resources at her disposal, and so many scripts to choose from, in the end why does she always choose this kind of thing? It’s always a goddess, she’s going to become a professional goddess soon. Can't she break out of her stereotype… ah, by the way, there’s quite a number of people in the company who think that you and Su Yimo are involved that way. Sister-in-law probably would have heard it too. Have you explained it to her yet? Don't create any dramatic misunderstandings!"

Lu Tingxiao looked calm. "Yes."

"What, so efficient?" Lu Jingli was trying to guess if it had been during that conversation which they had on the phone yesterday, when the image on the TV screen suddenly changed, and Ning Xi’s face appeared…

"Wow! It’s sister-in-law! Look, look!" Lu Jingli immediately focused his attention on the TV.

Lu Tingxiao put down his chopsticks and turned towards the TV screen, his expression attentive and serious.

"This morning, our front-line entertainment reporters visited the production set of <The World>, which everyone has been talking about recently, and were able to catch a wonderful extra…"

After the host finished her introduction, the image switched to the large screen behind her.

Ning Xi was dressed in bloody armor, and held a long spear in one hand. She stared angrily at Jiang Muye, who was dressed in blue. "Don't expect me to protect you!"

Jiang Muye smiled softly, and reached out to wipe the blood from Ning Xi’s face. His eyes were full of deep emotion and love: "Changge, I am your man, I should be the one protecting you."

"Pu, cough cough cough cough…" Who would’ve thought that they would show such an explosive scene at the start? Lu Jingli hurriedly comforted his brother. "Brother, it's just acting, it isn’t real, it isn’t real!"

But it wasn’t over.

The scene quickly switched to another one where Ning Xi held Jiang Muye’s body, pierced by arrows. The despair in her eyes at losing her beloved made people feel as if they were experiencing it themselves…

Lu Jingli glanced covertly at his brother’s dark, restrained face, and emphasized with a hollow smile, "Uh, sister-in-law's acting is amazing! Her acting is amazing!"

But in the end, this TV seemed to hate him. As soon as he said that, it began to play a clip of the reporters interviewing Ning Xi.

"Then Ning Xi, what kind of man do you like in reality? Or, what is your criteria for choosing a spouse? Mind telling us a little bit?"

"My criteria for a spouse are that he should be the same age as me, and share common interests and views!"

Lu Jingli began to count on his fingers silently.

Similar age: his brother was eight years older than Ning Xi, and it was nearly a three-generation gap. No matter how he looked at it, their ages couldn’t be considered similar.

Common interests: there was an even bigger gap there…

Common values: before, the main reason Ning Xi had refused his brother was that "People with different values cannot be together"…

On the other hand, Jiang Muye fulfilled all three criteria which Ning Xi had for a spouse…
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