269 The Ice Cold Devil Who Left Angrily

Chapter 269: The Ice Cold Devil Who Left Angrily

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Under the bridge, with lanterns that lit up the surroundings, the wind blew steadily as a young girl kissed a stunned young boy, separated by a mask...

This scene was unexpectedly more beautiful and moving than a direct kiss…

"Cut! Good!" Guo Qisheng came to his senses and called the scene to a stop.

"Not bad, Ning Xi, the way you dealt with this by hiding half of your face actually resulted in a better effect!" Guo Qisheng complimented, while the other crew members also nodded their heads in agreement.

"Director, as long as you’re satisfied, all’s good," said Ning Xi, forcing herself to smile. Dang you! I was just acting out a romantic kiss scene, not a crime scene, yet I had to act till I was physically and mentally exhausted!

Her eyes then involuntarily shifted to a certain direction…

Opposite her, the producer was saying something to Lu Tingxiao while he sat there quietly, like a dull oil painting that had been sitting in a dark corner of an old castle for many years, cold and lonely. Somewhere within his eyes, there was a heart-wrenching sort of loneliness…

Ning Xi was taken aback by that sight, hurriedly turning around to leave.

"Sister Xi, where are you going?"

"The toilet!"

Ning Xi quickly sent a text message to Lu Jingli as she walked down the corridor —

[Senior Vice President, what is your brother trying to do???]

Lu Jingli replied her swiftly, "How would I know? He was already acting weird yesterday when he saw the TV play your interview and behind-the-scenes footages. Then, this morning he saw the tabloid news about the both of you playing video games all night, so he immediately postponed a meeting and came here to inspect!"

[Did he let you know what he’s thinking about doing, or if he has any plans?] Ning Xi quickly asked, since she knew that the best strategy to win was to know her enemy!

[It’s not like you don’t know how my brother is like - he would never tell me this kinda things!]

[Then...then was there anything that was odd about him? Try to recall anything!]

[Odd...yes, I think there was one incident! Yesterday, after he finished watching TV, he suddenly glared at a plate of carrots coldly, and then told the butler to never serve this dish! Isn’t that weird? As smart as I am, I can’t seem to understand what this odd behaviour means!]

[...] Ning Xi’s head immediately flashed across the words "harvest the carrot". It looks like Lu Tingxiao had entirely misunderstood her and Jiang Muye!

Ning Xi thought for a while, and typed again, [How’s your brother now? He should be okay, right?]

She had already used up all her brain juices to come with the idea of kissing through a mask...

[No way. The moment you kissed him, the air turned so chilly that I felt like I was ten million meters underground in some thousand year old ice cave.]


[Oh, right, little Xi Xi, where are you? Be careful! My brother’s currently not in sight, and I don’t know where he went. My guess is that he’s probably gone to look for you, be careful okay!]

As soon as Ning Xi finished reading that last sentence from Lu Jingli, a silhouette fell from behind her, and someone was forcefully pulling her away.

She felt a hand grabbing her waist and when the world seemed to be spinning around her, she was pushed into the toilet, and she heard the sound of a door closing. Then, she felt her back pressed up roughly against the door and before she could call out in pain, her voice was muffled by a hot, crazy, and hungry mouth…

At that moment, because Ning Xi could barely breathe, the only thought that crossed her mind was —

"Dang you, Lu Jingli! You did this on purpose, didn’t you!"

She refused to say out loud, "You could have warned me earlier!"

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Chapter 270: An Irrational Kiss

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
All along, she had always thought of Lu Tingxiao as a serious and restrained gentleman, yet this kiss was urgent, almost savage and primitive.

The grip on her waist was like iron, and her mouth was filled with the metallic taste of her own blood as her lips were being bitten. Her tongue was also getting pulled to the point of numbness, and she felt as if she was getting devoured…

"Mmm...Lu…." Whenever she attempted to fight back, he held her down even tighter and was more ruthless.

She winced at the shooting pain in her neck and looked at the man in front of her who had lost his control. He was such a stranger to her that she was worried…

Ning Xi discreetly took off the wooden hairpin from her head and quickly pointed the sharp end at his neck when he had his guard down, warning him, "Lu Tingxiao, you’d better calm down or else...!"

Lu Tingxiao’s kisses stopped at her collarbone, but only for a moment. He seemed as if he was deciding where to continue, before he found his way to her lips again, with no sign of stopping…

"You…," Ning Xi felt helpless.

This guy, can he read minds?

He knew that she would not hurt a single hair on him, he knew that…she would not be able to bring herself to do it.

Her mind flashed across to a story she once read, about a girl’s beloved who was cursed to become a monster, yet the girl could not bear to leave him. She even let him have her flesh and blood so that he would not hurt the local villagers and get killed in the process…

When she had finished reading the story, she thought the girl was a total idiot. But now, she had become that idiot.

Lu Tingxiao’s kisses lingered repeatedly at her sensitive earlobe, when Ning Xi finally had the chance to quickly say, "Lu Tingxiao, did you forget what you promised me? Or are you breaking your promise?"

When he heard her voice, some rationality passed through his eyes and he paused before replying mellowly, "Inspection."

Ning Xi almost laughed at this. "Inspection? Who inspects like you? With you sitting there, who wouldn’t be distracted from their acting?"

"Professionalism," he replied monotonously.

"Are you trying to say that I’m not professional? You...Fine! I really haven’t been very professional today, but there will be no next time! Also, if you’re just here to inspect, then what are you doing right now?" Ning Xi questioned.

Lu Tingxiao wrapped her tightly in his arms, as if hugging his favorite toy that he had just snatched back from other kids, and did not say a word more.

At this point, Ning Xi was a mess. All the negative thoughts she had tried so hard to suppress surfaced, forcing her to face the music and make a decision…

Moments passed, and as Ning Xi was about to go limp in his warm, intoxicating embrace, she came back to her senses. She took a deep sigh before saying, "Lu Tingxiao, you gave me seven days. Well, you don’t have to wait for seven days, I can just answer you now."

"I don’t want to hear it," said Lu Tingxiao, whose expression tightened and he immediately went in for a kiss again, in an attempt to stop her from saying more.

Ning Xi had a look of despair as she dodged him, "Lu Tingxiao, listen to me."

As if afraid she would hesitate, Ning Xi squeezed her eyes tightly before looking at him and said —
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