279 Days Without The Sister-In-Law Sucks

Chapter 279: Days Without The Sister-In-Law Sucks

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At night, the Lu group’s company building was brightly lit. As of three days ago, the entire Lu group had been on alert mode.

Winter had arrived early...

Assistant CEO’s office.

"I know, I know, you guys are bearing the brunt of suffering, but it really was your fault. Before this, my brother was in a good mood, but you guys took it easy, so now you regret it, don’t you?"

"At this point, the only thing you can do is to just not let my brother find any loopholes, so he can’t mess with you guys, okay?"

"Yes, you guys are scared of him, but do you think I ain’t scared too? Jeez. Damn you, the person who’s in the most danger now is me okay? Don’t even bother whining to me."

Lu Jingli was feeling frustrated thinking about dealing with the next wave of workers whining when his private handphone rang.

It was an even more troublesome worry.

"Mom, what is it now? I can guarantee that the girl hasn’t come to look for big bro, and big bro hasn’t gone to look for her either. If you don’t believe me, just come and ask anyone in the office! Big bro has been working 24/7 for the past few days, without resting for a second!"

Mother Lu on the other end quickly stopped him and said, "Jingli, get your brother to come home! Something’s happened to Little Treasure!"

Lu Jingli’s expression suddenly changed before he asked, "What did you say? Didn’t you say Little Treasure was fine before this, and that we didn’t have to worry? How did this suddenly happen? What has exactly happened?

"Little Treasure’s not feeling too well, and he’s in a really bad shape. Quickly get your brother to come home, hurry!"

As he stared at the phone which his mother hung up on, Lu Jingli momentarily collapsed onto his desk.

Sigh, days without the sister-in-law sucked…

There was no one to ask for help from now on. It seemed like he could only rely on himself. By God's grace, he prayed that he would survive!

Lu Jingli anxiously walked to the door of the CEO’s office.

He took a deep breath and was about to knock the door when a bunch of people swarmed up to him and stuffed all sorts of documents and proposals into his arms...

Lu Jingli shouted back at them, "Jesus! You bunch of cowards, you better watch out!"

Goddammit, the true colors of everyone revealed in trying times. The fact that everyone was waiting for him!

"Second master, please, and thank you. You’re our only hope!"

"Exactly, second master, we’re desperate!"

"Only you, second master, can go in and come out alive. Please help us!"

"Stop sucking up to me, everyone get lost!" Lu Jingli shooed away everyone, and then knocked on the door to his brother's office.

He did not actually need to shoo them, because everyone disappeared in the blink of an eye…

"Come in," said a coarse voice from inside the office.

"Brother, these…" Lu Jingli could not even finish his sentence because he started coughing and almost choked to death inside. He had to back up a few steps before moving forward again.

Jesus, was this Hitler’s gas chamber or something?

How many cigarettes had he smoked?

The curtains were closed, even the windows were shut! He really was not afraid of suffocating himself to death, was he?

Lu Jingli put down the documents and hurriedly pulled opened the curtains and windows for some ventilation.

He saw Lu Tingxiao leaning back in his chair with his expressions hidden by the shadows. The cigarette between his fingers was almost burnt out and about to reach his fingers…

The side coffee table still had the lunch and dinner his secretary had served him, none of it was touched.

Lu Jingli slowly looked over to see a stack of information beside Lu Tingxiao, all about the Jiang family.
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