29 Boss’s Future Wife

So what?

Ning Xi was choked with speechlessness. "Big Boss Lu, do your employees know you are asking them to help artistes from another company?"

From the looks of it, they didn’t have any idea. Right now she was an unknown, how could this god possibly recognize her?

She really felt defeated by Lu Tingxiao.

Glory World Entertainment is a subsidiary of your Lu Corporation!

Though Lu Jingli managed Glory World, the ultimate boss behind the scenes was Lu Tingxiao.

Five years ago, Lu Corporation stepped into the entertainment industry when they took over Glory World Entertainment, and created an entertainment empire which was able to compete against the oldest and most established entertainment company, Starlight Entertainment.

The current rivalry between the two companies was very intense. Employees in the different companies, from the artistes and managers to the stylists and assistants, never got along. Clashes were inevitable when both companies had employees on the same set…

Lu Tingxiao glanced down at his watch. "The minivan is in the front outside. You can do your makeup on the road. You should have enough time to get there. Whether you go or not is up to you."

Ning Xi’s stomach tightened painfully, and she clenched her jaw. "I’m going!"

Since Lu Tingxiao didn’t seem to care, then she wouldn’t care either!

She was surprised when Lu Tingxiao followed her. "You’re going too?"

"Who else is going to drive? Also, Little Treasure wants to be with you a bit longer." He made it sound so natural and logical, like she had asked a silly question.

Next to him, Little Treasure nodded his head enthusiastically.

"All right…"

In the end, four people, including the stylist, Arthur, got into the minivan.

Lu Tingxiao, who hadn’t even changed out of his home clothes, was in the front driving, while Ning Xi and Arthur were in the back, with Little Treasure climbing slightly over his seat to observe them.

Arthur’s gaze was approving as he assessed Ning Xi. "This lady has near perfect features and very good skin, light makeup will do. If I may ask, what event are you headed to? It would help me pick out the best outfit."

"Um, it’s an opening ceremony for a movie…"

Ning Xi was afraid she’d be beaten up if the other party found out she was an artiste with Starlight. Thankfully, Arthur didn’t ask too much, only nodded to show he understood and continued to help her do her makeup.

The timing was perfect — Ning Xi’s makeup was done just as they reached their destination.

Lu Tingxiao parked the car and turned off the engine. He turned around, arm on the back of his seat, and looked at the woman who had just finished dressing up.

"How is it?" Ning Xi asked, a little nervous.

"Not bad."

For a harsh man like Lu Tingxiao to say ‘not bad’ was really not simple. Little Treasure, moreover, was looking at her with an expression of wonder.

That gave Ning Xi more confidence, and she hugged Little Treasure apologetically. "Darling, I’m sorry I have to break my promise, but Auntie promises once work is over, I’ll rush over to accompany you!"

Little Treasure was reluctant to let go, but he knew she was in a hurry, so he released her and waved goodbye.

Seeing the two people behind her, one big and one small, Ning Xi’s heart felt full…

After being alone for so long, it was the first time she experienced such warm feelings.

After Ning Xi left, the position of driver naturally switched to Arthur.

Arthur couldn’t resist the gossip in his heart, and as he drove, he carefully asked, "Boss, who was that lady just now? Is she a new artiste at our company? How come I’ve never seen her before?"

Mother! Their Big Boss actually had a woman. This was huge news!

Lu Tingxiao dropped his chin in his hand as he casually replied, "Starlight Entertainment’s artiste."

Arthur: "…"

In that instant, Arthur felt he had been unjustly used.

Big Boss! You actually had me style an artiste from Starlight!

How could the boss actually help an enemy and betray his own company!

Even the second young master does not date anyone from Starlight, okay?

If it were the second young master sitting here, Arthur would definitely curse him unreservedly.

But the person sitting here was Demon King Lu Tingxiao…

He could only bite his tongue and feel wronged.

What made his heart go cold was that he couldn’t help but suspect that this no-name artiste from Starlight might possibly become their boss’s future wife.

After all, this was a woman who got along well with the little prince.

It was truly not simple…
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