290 Being Both The Mother and The Father Figure

Chapter 290: Being Both The Mother and The Father Figure

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Back door of the old residence.

Ning Xi carried Little Treasure in one arm, while she retrieved a children's helmet from her motorcycle's storage with the other, before she took out a safety belt.

Lu Jingli who watched from the sidelines watched in astonishment and said, "Wow, you're really well prepared! You already thought of taking Little Treasure away from the outset, didn't you? Those who didn't know might think you were eloping!"

"I wouldn't elope!" Ning Xi secured Little Treasure's helmet, and then used the safety belt to fix him tightly behind her waist. "Hold tight, Little Treasure, off we go!"

As he watched Ning Xi go off with Little Treasure, Lu Jingli mumbled to himself, "I wonder if Xiao Xi Xi is making up for Little Treasure's lack of motherly or fatherly love..."

Under normal circumstances, it should have been the father who brought their sons out to explore, shouldn't it?

It wouldn't usually be the mother who brought their sons out with motorcycles in the middle of the night...

But to let Lu Tingxiao bring Little Treasure out like that?

No way!

That was why he thought that Xiao Xi Xi was amazing - she could be both the mother and the father.

Tonight, with the moon hanging brightly in the sky and a chilly breeze blowing, it was the perfect weather.

"Speeding ​​at seventy, feeling free, hoping the end is the Aegean Sea, running ahead and dreaming of the other side, we want to roam the world...running with the wind with freedom as your direction, chase after the power of lightning and thunder, fill my chest with the vast ocean, even the smallest sail can voyage..."

Ning Xi drove her motorcycle at 40 yards per hour instead of the usual 400 yards, sang a few small tunes, and brought Little Treasure to explore the city...

After a while, there was a familiar rumbling of motorcycles.

She turned around to look, and as expected, it was Ah Ka and the gang.

Ah Ka, too, had noticed Ning Xi.

Xiang Xiang who was sitting in the back of Ah Ka's car excitedly screamed, "Ah Ka, slow down! Why does that motorcycle in front of you look so much like the one you lent Xi?"

Ah Ka slowed down and adjusted his headlights to look at the motorcycle, "You're right, that's the one!"

"Hurry, follow him!" Xiang Xiang excitedly urged, as she waved one hand to shout, "Hello— Xi—"

When both motorcycles met, Xiang Xiang immediately whined, "Xi, you're so mean! The last time we invited you, you wouldn't come. At last you came here yourself!"

"Since we bumped into each other, let's compete a little! The destination is our old gathering spot!" Ah Ka suddenly sped up, and the other motorcycles quickly followed suit.

Because it was late and dark at night, coupled with the fact that Little Treasure and Ning Xi wore the same black color clothing, no one saw that Ning Xi had a little one with her.

Ning Xi steadily followed after them, and reached out to touch the little hand holding on to her waist and said, "Little Treasure, hold tight, I'm going to speed up, okay!"

Little Treasure's hand gripped onto her clothes much tighter.

Ning Xi accelerated and rode ahead...

Tonight, Ah Ka and the gang were riding on the road that was not as dangerous as Death Valley and were not showing off their skills. It was just a normal highway, and speed was what mattered.

"Little Treasure, are you happy?" Ning Xi shouted into the wind.

A short while later, she felt a light knock on her back from the little helmet.

That slight knock melted Ning Xi's heart, and so she asked, "Then do you want to go faster?"

The little helmet knocked on her again without hesitation.

Ning Xi smiled widely and continued to pick up speed.

Of course, Ning Xi's "acceleration" was only in comparison to her 40 yard per hour speed, definitely incomparable to the speed of Ah Ka and the rest..

When Ning Xi finally brought Little Treasure to the destination, Ah Ka and the gang were already sitting around smoking. Some were even so bored that they brought out the poker cards for a few rounds of games...
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