298 Finally Getting The Cabbage

Chapter 298: Finally Getting The Cabbage

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Ning Xi did not dare take up the devil's offer of feeding her water while everyone looked on, so she quickly took the cup and drank it all in one gulp.

She had a bad habit of stuffing herself when she got nervous.

As she watched her son and the girl interact, Mother Lu knew in an instant what had transpired.

She was in disbelief that her blockhead of an older son would know how to flirt with girls.

This pig that she had worked hard to raise for so many years could finally harvest the cabbage with his own snout...

At this point, Lu Tingxiao did not remove his hand. Instead, he flipped Ning Xi's sweaty palm upwards and traced a word in her hand — "me".

When she recognised the word, Ning Xi immediately knew what Lu Tingxiao meant. The devil didn't want her to admit that it was her fault, but to push all the blame onto him.

But doing that wouldn't be too nice, would it?

As Ning Xi hesitated, Lu Tingxiao started to use his slightly coarse fingers to run across the softest and most sensitive part of her small palm...

It felt like he was using his fingers to graze her heart directly.

Ning Xi did not dare to hesitate further, and said quickly in one breath, "Last night, CEO Lu suddenly called me to say that Little Treasure hasn't been feeling too well lately and he hoped I could accompany him and take him out to cheer him up, so I rushed over here in the middle of the night!!!"

Upon hearing this, the Lu parents shot their son a dissatisfied look, and then looked back at Ning Xi, clearly much more at ease.

Lu Chongshan had initially thought that this girl was using his oldest son's adoration for her to rebel against him. Once he knew that it was his son himself who put her up to it, and that she was unaware that they were strictly watching after Little Treasure, the feelings of rage and having hsi authority threatened dipped significantly.

Mother Lu smiled encouragingly at Ning Xi, before she asking the question that she really wanted to know the answer to, "I wonder where Miss Ning brought Little Treasure to cheer up? And how?"

How could she make Little Treasure smile so happily when he was depressed just the day before, and how did she even make him approach them himself when it was never done before?

If she knew the secret, she would be able to get her beloved grandson's little kisses more often!

Lu Chongshan immediately put down his chopsticks and looked like he was eager to whip out a notebook to write the tips down.

Lu Jingli looked at the way his parents' reactions and tried hard not to laugh.

He knew in his heart that it was futile; the key was not where she brought Little Treasure and how she cheered him up. The cause for Little Treasure's happiness was Ning Xi herself!

Facing the Lu parents' earnest look, there was no way Ning Xi could admit that she had brought Little Treasure out for drag racing. She would definitely be back in their bad books if she did that, so she cleared her throat and said, "Actually, we didn't go anywhere really. I just drove Little Treasure around the capital."

Technically, that was the truth...

Indeed, they were driving around the city, only that she was not driving just any vehicle, but one that was nicknamed "Midnight Rage" and used for professional racing.

When both parents heard this answer, they were clearly a little disappointed.

Just a car drive could make Little Treasure who had been temperamental and moody since birth to suddenly take the initiative to kiss his grandparents?
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