318 Big Fat Liar

Chapter 318: Big Fat Liar

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"Ning Xi, since Xueluo put it this way, just accept it!"

"You wouldn’t think that they are cheap, would you? Just take a look at it, all of these clothes are quite expensive, and much better than your outdated ones!"

"Where else can you find such a good deal? Take them!"

Ning Xi stuck to her principle of not arguing with silly people. Getting angry at a bunch of idiots would just make herself unhappy, so she kept herself composed and just watched on as everyone made a fool out of themselves.

Ning Xueluo and her gang were confused by her reaction, wondering if they had said something wrong.

Suddenly, a girl by the dressing table screamed, "Ah!"

What now? Ning Xi looked over.

"Ning Xi, the furniture in your house is moving! I got scared!"

The girl was shocked and looked at the switched candle decoration.

What happened was the mechanism had been triggered and a metal creaking was heard.

Everyone’s curiosity quickly turned to amazement. The wall started to open up and a brief white light came through, just like a slow motion scene from a movie.

The room fell so silent with the revelation, that one could only hear the sound of the air-conditioner.

No one said anything…

Everyone just stared behind the wall, dumbfounded…

Stared at that spectacular and huge walk-in closet…

The walk-in closet had a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and was filled with gorgeous dresses, blinding everyone.

Fang Ya was too shocked and dropped the clothes that she was going to hand over to Ning Xi, her jaw gaping open, unable to find the words to say anything...

Most of them had the same reaction.

"Am I dreaming? Ning Xi, your house has a hidden room!"

"Wow! My eyes are almost blinded by the closet’s luxuriousness!"

"Ning Xi, you should’ve let us visit your huge walk-in closet!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

At least, she should have known of this secret compartment existing?

Finally, she knew where all the clothes went...

If it was not for this incident today, she would probably have never known about the hidden closet.

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands, not knowing what to say about Lu Tingxiao.

How did he do it? With such an academic, charismatic and confident tone, saying all those odd things and lying to her?

As everyone checked out the dresses in the hidden closet, they found out all the dresses in the walk-in closet were from the same designer, Gabriel Elvis.

Some of them looked through the labels, and all of them were initialed "GE".

It was not even about money anymore. GE’s designer had vanished shortly after his debut, so the remaining pieces from the designer were extremely limited, and one would not get it easily even with money.

And now, this entire room full of such a surprise?
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