33 Want To Trip Me? Not A Chance!

"Xueluo, Ning Xi is your junior. What are your thoughts towards her acting as Meng Changge?" A reporter asked Ning Xueluo.

Ning Xueluo immediately switched back to an easygoing and elegant expression as she replied, "My junior sister has a lot of talent. I believe she won’t disappoint everyone…"

When asked about Ning Xi, Ning Xueluo was all praises and compliments.

Anyone who didn’t know would assume she was only promoting her junior, but Ning Xi knew very well what a schemer Ning Xueluo was.

She wasn’t really helping her, but setting her up for a fall instead.

The opening ceremony hadn’t begun yet, but Ning Xueluo was already complimenting her to high heaven — with such high expectations for her, even the smallest mistake would cause severe disappointment.

Unfortunately for Ning Xueluo, Ning Xi wasn’t going to allow her nasty plan to work.

After training hard these past five years when it came to acting, she had confidence that she could sincerely convince everyone.

Want to trip me? Just you wait and see!

After the interview segment was over, Ning Xi let out a breath of relief, only to be confronted by Chang Li.

"Ning Xi, where did you get this outfit? Don’t think the company will cover the costs! You’re only a second female lead, how can you steal the spotlight like this? Don’t you know the rules?" Chang Li berated her as soon as she saw her.

Ning Xi played with a loose strand of her raven black hair as she casually said, "I didn’t want to either, but who told Sister Chang to make me late for the event?"

"You…" Because there were a lot of people around them, Chang Li could only forcibly hold her tongue. "You better behave at dinner later. Don’t spout nonsense that will embarrass the company. Xueluo can’t hold her liquor, so remember to drink on her behalf! Do you hear me?"

Ning Xi couldn’t help but laugh. "You want me to drink for her? Miss Chang, are you dreaming? You should be glad already that I don’t pour wine over her!"

Chang Li was on Ning Xueluo’s side, so even if she grovelled and begged, Ning Xi wouldn’t fall for it. Ning Xi could become more resolute in her refusals and Chang Li wouldn’t dare overstep in retaliation.

Chang Li was enraged. "Ning Xi, you’re really too much, it’s just a minor second female lead role and you’ve already completely forgotten your place?"

Ning Xi lacked the patience to deal with her, and turned around to leave.

Chang Li watched Ning Xi as she left; even though it was just a silhouette, she was still mesmerizing.

She suddenly felt anxious.

Even before, she already had had a sense of foreboding, and she was scared they couldn’t rein Ning Xi in any longer.

This woman was born to be an actress.

Once her star started to rise, there was no way Ning Xueluo would be able to compete with her.

Since things had come to this point, she could only continue to suppress her as much as possible and deny her any chance to grow.

After the opening ceremony was the evening dinner.

All the cast members were gathered in the banquet hall, eating and drinking and getting to know one another. The atmosphere was very relaxed and lively.

Noticing Ning Xi’s arrival, the screenwriter, Ye Linglong, was the first to stand up and pull her over to sit beside her. One could tell how pleased she was with her.

"Speaking of coincidences, our two cast beauties come from the same company with the same last name!" The assistant director Zhang Rui expressed enthusiastically.

Ning Xi smiled coldly.

Haha, really a coincidence.

The same company under the same manager; however, their situations were completely different.

One was the star of Starlight while the other was clawing her way up from the very bottom.

As they were speaking, the producer and director suddenly stood up and headed towards the door. The reason was because their biggest sponsor, the chairman of the board of directors of Ning International, Ning Yaohua, had arrived.

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