329 As Long As You Like I

Chapter 329: As Long As You Like It

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After monitoring for the whole afternoon, Lu Chongshan felt drowsy, but Ning Xi’s words woke him up immediately.

It was finally here - the moment of truth!

"What do you think she wants to discuss with Little Treasure?" Lu Chongshan asked his wife.

Yan Ruyi thought about it, "She already knows how much Little Treasure means to us, and knows how we will listen to what Little Treasure says. Maybe she’s trying to brainwash Little Treasure into saying something good about her in front of us?"

Lu Chongshan had on a cold, sarcastic smile on his face, "That wouldn’t be just it. I’m afraid she’ll even have Little Treasure throw tantrums at us, so that we will let her marry into our Lu family!"

Yan Ruyi became worried, as she ruminated about more and more possible negative consequences, "This is too much! How can one use a child like that?!"

Lu Chongshan had a serious expression, "Now you know how severe the consequences could be if we just let some woman with evil intentions into the Lu family? It might seem like a small issue to throw the whole household into chaos, but the fact is, an internal mess can be trouble for us externally too! The negative consequences are too much to bear!"

Yan Ruyi quickly nodded in agreement, "You’re right. Tingxiao has been working really hard, and if the household turns into a chaos, he will be distracted for sure!"

In the yard, under the sunset, Little Treasure tilted his head and looked at Aunty Xiao Xi. Ning Xi thought about her words carefully as she looked at Little Bun seriously, and spoke in a gentle tone, "Little Treasure, I know you like Aunty Xiao Xi. Aunty Xiao Xi really likes you too. You told me before, to love someone, you have to set them free, and now Aunty Xiao Xi wants to tell you that, there’s not one person who can hold your entire world. There are a lot more wonderful things for you to discover in this world, waiting for you to experience, and to love…Aunty Xiao Xi really, really, really likes you, so I hope that you can grow up freely and happily!"

At this part, Ning Xi finally got to her main point, "So, Aunty Xiao Xi hopes that you can promise me one thing!"

The two oldies stared at the monitor screen intensely…

Ning Xi looked at Little Treasure and said, "Little Treasure, promise Aunty Xiao Xi you’ll go to school, okay?"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi looked at each other speechlessly. They then turned back to the screen with even more focus.

What would Little Treasure's answer be?

It was the first time that Little Treasure did not nod instantly at Ning Xi’s request. Ning Xi was feeling very nervous at this moment, not confident that Little Treasure would agree to her promise.

10 seconds passed…

30 seconds passed…

A minute…

Ning Xi was trying not to rush him, so she just waited in silence, as she grew more and more anxious. What she did not know was that there were two other people even more anxious than her.

Finally, Ning Xi could not wait anymore, she put her hands together and begged, "Little Treasure Baby, please?"

Little Treasure let out a helpless sigh, then he started writing on his board.

Ning Xi and the two oldies in the control room looked at him nervously.

After a while, Little Treasure showed his board: "Little Treasure doesn’t want to go school."

Ning Xi’s eyes lost their shine, and she looked disappointed.Her efforts still did not work…

But soon, Little Treasure started writing again, and the second time he lifted his board up, it said, "But if Aunty Xiao Xi likes, Little Treasure promise."

Ning Xi stared at the words, "Little Treasure…Little Treasure you promised…You really promised!" And his promise touched her so, so much!

He really was the child of the devil, no doubt about that!
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