37 Entering the Women’s Bathroom to Find Someone

In the car, Little Treasure was staring at the cellphone with a heavy expression.

Lu Tingxiao released his safety belt. "I’ll go in to look, wait here for me."

Little Treasure immediately tugged on his father’s sleeve, indicating he wanted to go as well.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at his son. "If by chance she is drunk, do I carry you or do I carry her?"

Little Treasure puffed up his cheeks, expressing his disagreement. He didn’t need anyone to carry him.

Lu Tingxiao’s expression darkened. "How unfortunate, after what happened last time, my trust in you has hit rock bottom. I don’t believe that you can take care of yourself. If it happens again, even I cannot handle the consequences. Do you understand?"

Little Treasure drooped his head, looking dejected.

Realizing that he had been too harsh, he tousled his son’s hair. "I’ll be back soon."

"Old Zhang, drive the car to the underground parking."

"Yes, Young Master."

Under the gazes of the crowd standing at the hotel entrance, a car door opened and a man stepped out.

He was wearing a whole suit of steel grey and his body was like that of a jade statue, exuding tremendous pressure.

"Ah — it’s Lu… Lu Tingxiao ahhh! Just now we were wondering which god of fortune it was going to be, who knew it was really the God of Fortune! I say, besides the God of Fortune, who else can drive such a luxurious car! Compared with Master Xiao, the Su family is practically nothing!"

"My god, hold me. I’m so shocked, I’m about to faint… I only saw him once in a magazine, who knew that by coming here, I would see the real thing! I really want to get a signature! Sign my panties!!!"

"Those famous, good-looking actors can only kneel down before our Master Xiao. If he ever entered the entertainment circle, who would even bother with those small fry!"

"Dream on, just encountering him like this from afar is already worth a person’s entire lifetime of luck, you even want him to enter the entertainment circle so you can admire him everyday?"

Even after that person had entered the hotel, the crowd standing outside the entrance still did not disperse and was still gossiping like before.

"Big Boss Lu has never gone anywhere without prior announcement. I wonder why he came alone to the hotel so late at night. What did he come here for?"

"Who knows, it’s not like he came here to find a woman!"

"What a pity. He’s such an outstanding man but doesn’t get close with women! Why do you think he doesn’t get close with women?"

"He likes men!"

"That’s nonsense, if he liked men, where did his son come from? I think Master Xiao is a sentimental person, and is still hung up on his child’s mother. He must have loved her so deeply that he remained celibate all these years!"

When Lu Tingxiao reached the top floor of the hotel, he realized that the cast and crew had already left. The crowd just then must have been the last batch of people, but he still did not see Ning Xi.

He continued down the hallway trying to find her as he called Ning Xi’s number once more.

She was still not picking up the phone.

As he passed by a restroom, he suddenly stopped walking. From the restroom, he could hear the faint sound of her ringtone.

He stood there and listened for a moment and realized the sound came from the women’s restroom.

Lu Tingxiao hung up his phone and the sound from the women’s restroom also cut off.

After finally finding the person he was looking for, he let out a breath of relief, before creasing his eyebrows.

He had no choice but to enter the women’s restroom to find her.

Her cellphone had rung so loudly yet she had no reacted. It seemed she must be quite drunk.

"Ning Xi?"

He tested by calling out, but there was no reply.

He stood between the men’s and the women’s restroom and pinched the skin between his eyebrows. His expression was the same one he wore when working on a 10 billion yuan deal.

A few seconds later, his long legs stretched forward as he headed towards the women’s restroom.

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