457 A Grown Son Cannot Be Kept For Long

Whether he missed him or not, that was the question...

He was in front of Aunty Xiao Xi, so he should just speak the truth...

When she saw that the little bun was about to answer something that would break Lu Tingxiao's heart even more, Ning Xi quickly said something before any tragedy could happen, "Ahem, Little Treasure, your father works so hard every day to earn money for the family. Go give your father a hug, okay?"

The little bun nodded, then ran over to Lu Tingxiao. He looked up and held out his two short arms, to indicate that he wanted to hug.

Lu Tingxiao could not help but laugh at his son's adorable gesture. He bent down to lift his son, and gently patted his little head, "Good boy."

The son gave his father some face and managed to persevere in his tight embrace for three seconds.

By the fourth second, he expectedly turned to look at Ning Xi's direction and held out his arms, indicating that he wanted Aunty Xiao Xi to hug him now.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless. He could only return the little guy to Ning Xi.

Haih, a grown son cannot be kept for long...


After she left the Lu family's old residence, Ning Xi was prepared to return to her apartment. On the way, she received Ling Zhizhi's phone call, so she made a detour and made her way to the company.

At Glory World Entertainment.

When she reached the ground floor of the building, Ning Xi nonchalantly looked up and saw Su Yimo on the huge LED screen above her head.

It was playing Su Yimo's latest advertisement for Chanel as part of her ambassadorship for the brand.

In the advertisement, Su Yimo changed into a total of 12 of Chanel's most classic outfit designs, which was really cool.

Under the LED screen, there were several female artistes who were part of Su Yimo's group surrounding her. They looked up at the advertisement and excitedly discussed at the same time, "Yimo, your advertisement shoot is way too cool and elegant, it's definitely high up in the ranks!"

"It's no wonder that Chanel would look for Yimo to be the spokesperson in China. Not only is our Yimo's popularity high, but by the looks of the entire entertainment circle right now, how many other female artistes can embody Chanel's elegant charisma?"

This was when someone saw Ning Xi walk by and intentionally spoke up louder, "Unlike some people, whose head is about to fly to the clouds for accepting a low and trashy gaming endorsement gig. Last time, we even saw her going to a place like Jade Treasury to buy jade!"

"Are you talking about Ning Xi?"

"Who else could it be?"

"Pfft, with her measly endorsement fees, she dared to even visit Jade Treasury?!"

"Right, I'm guessing that because Sis Yimo likes jade, so she wanted to buy one for herself to fool herself into thinking she can be as cool as Sis Yimo. At last, she must have bought a small rough one for a hundred thousand or something! She probably has some imitation jade that she tries to pass off as the real thing. This is too funny!"

Su Yimo stood in middle like a moon surrounded by stars and listened to the people discuss Ning Xi. Her tone was slightly impatient when she said, "Next time, don't mention that name in front of me."

The female artistes around her who heard this immediately stopped and carefully responded, "Understood, Sis Yimo, how could that lowly person be mentioned in the same breath as your name?!"

"No more mentioning, better not let her leech on our Sis Yimo's popularity! That's shameless!"


In Ling Zhizhi's office.

Ning Xi knocked the door before entering, "Sis Zhizhi, did you need me for anything?"

"Sit down and let's discuss." Ling Zhizhi indicated for her to sit, then asked, "Do you know the brand, Noble?"

Ning Xi thought about it, then answered, "The brand that exclusively produces perfumes?"

"Exactly," Ling Zhizhi replied.

Ning Xi did not know why Ling Zhizhi had asked such a question, and she thought about it for a while before she continued with whatever little knowledge she had, "Based on what I know, this is a brand with personality. It has a much smaller crowd than those well-known luxury brands like Chanel, Tiffany, and Armani, so not many people seem to know about it..."
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